12 tips and tricks for beginners in Fallout 76

When you first enter the West Virginia desert, the sights and sounds can be overwhelming. With a massive map and tons of uncharted territory, it’s hard to decide where to start as a new player. Put on your backpack, our friend from the Vault, and come learn some tips and tricks that will help you survive the early hours of Fallout: 76.

Tips and tricks for new players in Fallout 76

12- Pick up all the ammo you find

Ammo is a crucial resource for all gun users in Fallout: 76. While it can be located on dead bodies, it is more commonly found in ammo boxes scattered around the map. If you come across a few rounds of ammo, it’s best to pick them up, especially early in the game. Even if you don’t have a weapon that takes that type of ammo, you can still sell it later. Since huge stacks of ammo usually weigh less than a pound, it doesn’t hurt to stock up early.

11- Join a public team that matches your style of play

If you open the Social menu on the map view, you can see all the public teams available in your game session. These teams are created by players and offer free stat bonuses based on the number of members in your team . There are public teams for all playstyles, including Casual, Exploration, Events, and even Roleplay. When your teammate completes a quest, they also reward you with free caps, so there’s really no downside to joining a public team.

10- Keep an eye on your food and drink counters

In the lower right part of your screen, you can see your food and drink levels. These meters should be regularly replenished, as having two full meters grants you 35 max HP, 70% disease resistance, 35% AP regen, STR +1, and END +1. If these levels run out, these temporary buffs will be removed. To refill your food bar, you can eat foods such as canned snacks, cooked meat, and fruit, while water, Nuka-Cola, and tea will restore your hydration bar.


9- Don’t feel like you have to learn every mechanic at once

Fallout: 76 contains several optional mechanics, such as armor crafting, weapon mods, cooking, and base building. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of activities you can do, but you can avoid this feeling by focusing on one mechanism at a time. For example, you might start with basic construction, taking the time to familiarize yourself with structures and materials. Once you feel comfortable with the mechanics of the building, you can move on to cooking, and so on.

8- Register your caps for player sellers

In Fallout: 76, non-player vendors have inflated prices, which encourages the use of player vendors. Each player can set up a vending machine, where he sells his goods at the desired price. Because of this freedom, you may stumble upon deeply discounted items or absurdly high priced items. Although they can be random, player vendors are a great way to acquire rare items at a reasonable cost.

7- Participate in events, even if you are underleveled

On the map, you can find hexagon-shaped event icons. To join these events, select their icon, pay travel costs if required and press Join Event, then you will be teleported to the event location. Completing these events will reward you with XP, the chance to get legendary items, and other beneficial items.

6- Use VATS to target hard to hit enemies

While hip fire is effective against most enemies, some tricky hostiles move erratically. Creatures like fireflies and puffy flies fly across the screen, making it difficult to target them with your crosshairs. VATS is a quick and easy way to take out enemies, removing the need for a specific aim. If you’re having trouble in combat, VATS can be a useful tool that can ease your frustration.

5- Don’t forget to repair your weapons and armor

Each of your weapons has a CND, or Condition Level. When this counter reaches 0, your weapon breaks and cannot be used again until it is repaired. To prevent your weapon from breaking in the middle of a fight, be sure to keep an eye on its condition level, using Repair Kits to repair the damage. This concept also applies to armor.

4- Claim free rewards in the Atomic Shop

In the Featured section of the Atomic Shop, you can find a SPECIAL menu of items. This menu contains several free rewards that you can claim, including a poster and a daily rotating item. It’s a great way to acquire free Repair Kits, Scrap Kits, and Lunch Boxes. Be sure to check the Atomic Shop every day you play, in order to get resources and rewards for free.


3- If needed, visit The Wayward

The Wayward is one of the first places you visit in the main questline, but it never fails to be a safe haven. This bar and motel has everything you need for early survival, like fresh food, crafting stations, and a non-player vendor. Right across from The Wayward, you can find an Overseer Cache with food and supplies. These resources respawn each day and are a useful way to avoid starvation during your first few days.

2- Capped travel costs, so be smart with your CAMP placement

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

Fallout: 76 introduces the concept of Expensive Travel, where fast travel costs more Caps based on distance. As you decide where to install your home base, be sure to keep this in mind. It’s best to place your CAMP in a central area of ​​the map, especially if you’re running a Vending Machine, as players won’t need to spend too many Caps to get there quickly.

1- Make friends and stick together

Image via Bethesda Game Studios

Fallout: 76 is a game to enjoy with friends. Whether you’re taking old friends with you or looking for new ones, don’t venture through the desert alone. This game’s community is especially kind to newcomers, and seasoned veterans are always willing to lend a hand however they can. Even if you’re usually a solo player, try visiting player camps and striking up a conversation. After all, it’s the only Fallout game with multiplayer features, so remember to make the most of it.

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