As you journey through Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen campaign, you’ll reach the Memories of Loss quest, which takes you deep into the bowels of the Throne World. You’ll eventually come to a remote, blue-lit location beyond a portal, and you’ll be asked to solve a puzzle to progress. This is the Rune Patterns puzzle, which you won’t just need to complete to continue the story.

However, you will also have to solve it again as part of a powerful reward activity after the campaign is over. So it is better to know what to do.

Memories of Loss Rune Pattern Puzzle Answers

The puzzle is much simpler than it first appears. There are two steps:

  • Shoot the three displaced runes on the wall in the central area.
  • Do the same with the runes on the sides of the raised platforms on either side of the room.

Step 1: Selecting the first set of rune columns

When you first enter the chamber with the Rune Pattern puzzle, you will be presented with a half wall covered in columns of Hive Runes. Look for the three columns with incompatible rune patterns.

Each column of runes, in this step and the next, will be the same except for three. Pull or shuffle the three sets of runes that don’t match. If you do this successfully, a large energy rune will appear above the half wall. Succeeding three times advances the puzzle.

If you shoot the wrong runes, the whole process will be reset. None of the runes change location or order – you just need to remember which ones don’t match.

Step 2: Choose the second set of rune columns

For the second part of the puzzle, 18 columns of runes will appear on six raised platforms on either side of the room. There are three columns of runes per platform; of those 18, three will be moved.

The challenge here is remembering the “correct” rune order, but luckily the remaining 15 columns will all be the same. Some platforms won’t have “incorrect” runes, so you can leave them alone.

The displaced runes can be all on one side or mixed in between. As before, shooting the wrong symbols will reset the puzzle and you will have to start over. Hitting the correct one will cause a larger energy rune to appear above the platform.

Once you have successfully activated all three columns of runes, the door at the back of the room will open, allowing you to progress towards completing the mission.

This is how you solve the Memories of Loss Rune Pattern puzzle in the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen expansion campaign. It’s a simple memory matching game, and it’s simple once you get the hang of it. Check out our other Destiny 2 guides, including how to complete the Foundry Resonance weapon crafting tutorial quest, our Vow of the Disciple Raid guide, and our Dares of Eternity walkthrough. Our guide center has much more.