5-letter words ending in PT

Wordle is a world famous word puzzle that has generated a lot of interest since its inception. Every day, it generates a new five-letter word that challenges its loyal players. Sometimes finding the word turns out to be quite difficult. In order to give you a little help, we’ve compiled a list of words you can use to guess today’s word!

5 letter words ending in PT

If Today’s Wordle ends in PT as the last two words, you can try any of the words from the list we have provided below. Take a look at this list and feel free to use any word to guess, just enter them into Wordle mailboxes and hit enter on your keyboard. Here is the list of words ending with PT:

  • kept
  • whisk
  • crypt
  • swept away
  • coapt
  • slipped
  • to attempt
  • adapt
  • expert
  • adopt
  • to burst
  • ineligible
  • inept
  • jumped up
  • slept


Wordle help tool

If you need more help solving the word of the day, we’ve got you covered! Our Wordle solving tool can help you by filtering your choices. It works by typing the correct letters in the green row, the misplaced letters in the yellow row, and the wrong letters in the gray row. You will notice that all the words under Guesses will be filtered by your letters after entering your letters in the rows above. Good luck with your Wordle today and have fun!

Are you still stuck after using this list? If you are, we have the answer for you. Head over to All Wordle Answers in 2022 (updated daily) on ps4games.