All answers to Setaria in the Dreams, Emptiness, Deception Sumeru Archon Quest in Genshin Impact

The Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter III: Act III – Dreams, Emptiness, Deception begins with a segment titled Like a Triumphant Hero, where you must study the ways of various Sumeru NPCs connected to Setaria and then possess them to influence Setaria’s heart. When owning the Sumeru NPCs, you must select the correct answers to Setaria to avoid arousing her suspicion.

How to go to the market and carry out Nahida’s plan in Like a Triumphant Hero Sumeru Archon Quest

The game will guide you to speak with three NPCs, but you must select the correct answers to convince Setaria to join you.

All Nabiya’s answers

Your first target is Nabiya, the fortune teller with two cats. Choose the following responses from all dialog options:

  • Harut et Marut.
  • Hmmm… Ah, the gods have spoken!

All of Akim’s answers

Your second target is the stall vendor named Akim. Follow the quest marker to the glowing spot to invite Nahida to possess it, then choose the following responses from all dialog options:

  • Uh, masonry work.
  • He feels much better and he walks better now.


All answers from Qishan

Your final target is Qishan. Follow Setaria to trick Nahida into possessing the hostess of Liyue Tavern. Be sure to choose the following responses in all dialog options:

  • No, I spent all my time studying in the basement.

After this part, Setaria will eventually speak with a corps of thirty mercenaries which Nahida will also possess, but you can choose any dialogue option as they are all the same.

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