All Camp Woodwind hideouts in Phasmophobia

Camp Woodwind is the smallest map in Phasmophobia and one of the best maps to get used to in the game. On Nightmare difficulty, while finding the ghost can be easy, a ghost hunt is still just as dangerous as any other cards. There are hideouts in every corner of the map, allowing players to easily escape hunts if not blocked. These are all of the Camp Woodwind hideouts in Phasmophobia.

Where to find all Camp Woodwind hideouts in Phasmophobia

There are a total of seven hideouts in Camp Woodwind, the smallest map in the game. Players will have a hard time finding the ghost and even looking for bone and cursed possessions on the map. Hiding places aren’t perfect, and some ghosts will always attract players no matter how good they hide. Even so, they provide a way to break the line of sight and sit comfortably in place to avoid being chased away. Here are all the caches:

Chests near the white tent

Found on the left side of the map as players enter, this hideout is easy to miss. The three coolers are near a white tent and two brown benches.

Chests near the blue tent

This cluster of chests can be found near the center of the map near a blue tent. Players must ensure they are completely inside the space to be completely hidden.

Barrels by the canopy

There is a set of three barrels that can be found just to the right as players enter the campsite. They can be found next to the first white canopy and can be easy to miss due to how dark this part of the map is.

Behind the table inside the canopy

Under the second white awning are a few chests. To its right is a set of large tables between which players can hide. Players should make sure to stay behind the coolers on the table, as hiding anywhere else can cause them to be seen.

The bath cabins

Just opposite the campsite entrance is the bathroom. Inside are two opening stalls that serve as hiding places. It’s to the right of the red tent and to the left of the second white awning.

Behind the sleeping bags

Inside the yellow tent, a set of sleeping bags can spawn to cover players hiding behind them. This is to the left of the campsite and is one of the best hideouts on the map.

Inside the little purple tents

Next to the red tent and bathrooms are a set of two purple tents. Players can hide in either of the two, though they should practice closing them properly before a hunt begins. It can be difficult to close them in the heat of the moment.

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