All classroom exam answers in Persona 5 Royal

All classroom exam answers in Persona 5 Royal

Passing your exams is tricky in real life and in Persona 5 Royal. Going to school and paying attention in class is an important part of the day in Persona 5 Royal. It should be noted that the exams for Persona 5 Royal are different from Persona 5. Here are the answers to all Persona 5 Royal exam questions.

Persona 5 Royal exam answers

May Exam Answers

May 11

  • Question 1: Minamoto no Yoshitsune
  • Question 2 (Essay): Minamoto no Yoritomo, Yoritomo won, The weak

May 12

  • Question 1: Cognition
  • Question 2: Both

May 13

  • Question 1: The Devil’s Dictionary
  • Question 2: Femme Fatale

July Exam Answers

July 13

  • Question 1: 64
  • Question 2 (Essay): Zhuge Liang, Heads of Barbarians, To offer them instead of heads

July 14th

  • Question 1: Red king crab (Paralithodes)
  • Question 2: This has caused confusion in the economy

July 15th

  • Question 1: It’s raining cats and dogs
  • Question 2: demon guts


October Exam Answers

October 17

    • Question 1: 32 surfaces
  • Question 2 (Essay): Before it was a color, black and white image

October 18

  • Question 1: Charles-Henri Sanson
  • Question 2: It is a hereditary profession

October 19

  • Question 1: Slave labor
  • Question 2: 3 bees in all of Europe

December Exam Answers

December 20

  • Question 1: D
  • Question 2 (Essay): More than 1 billion yen, Having your head displayed, A performance

December 21

  • Question 1: Hearts
  • Question 2: Participate

December 22

  • Question 1: Japan
  • Question 2: Battleship

How to get a most studious costume trophy in Persona 5 Royal?

This trophy is obtained by obtaining the first place in the exams of your school. This can only be achieved once you have reached the maximum of your knowledge, at Rank 5: Scholar. Then you must correctly answer all questions in an exam. If you need this trophy, your last chance is the December exams, make sure you’ve maxed out your knowledge by then. The trophy will unlock once you get your exam results.

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