All Dead by Daylight Halloween 2022 Event Outfits

Is there a more perfect Halloween multiplayer game than Dead by Daylight? We can barely think of one. Much like Halloween events in other titles, Dead by Daylight spares no expense in enticing players to spend their hard-earned cash on fancy new skins.

2022 Daylight Haunted Skins

There are a total of 10 new skins available for Survivors and Slayers in Dead by Daylight’s Halloween 2022 event. This does not include the litany of Skeleton Shirts available to Survivors and small variations like the new The Ghost Face masks.

  • Dwight Fairfield – Toilet Paper Mummy
  • Jane Romero – Hollywood glamor
  • The Oni – Overflowing with Fury
  • The Brain – Wesker Blighted
  • The Artist – Fallen Angel
  • Yui Kimura – Midnight Technical Clothing
  • Mikaela Reid – Mesmerizing Barista
  • The Phantom Face – Brush Hunter
  • Kate Denson – Cornfield Scarecrow
  • The Hag – Swamp Creature


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