All Dendrograna locations in Genshin Impact

Once you sail to Sumeru, you may encounter Dendrograna which are a subspecies of Grana that are only found in the Sumeru region of Genshin Impact. They are useful in attacks as they will fire a projectile when you perform a charged attack or aim shot. Dendrograna can also be used to help solve puzzles around Sumeru. Here is where you can find Dendrograna in Sumeru.

Genshin Impact Dendrograna Locations

To summon Dendrograna, you must use Auspicious Branches. This is a crawl mechanic and to use them you will simply walk towards them until the prompt to summon a Dendrograna appears. A normal branch will summon three Dendrograna that will surround your character.

Many quests and puzzles that can be solved with Dendrograna have an auspicious branch nearby. The puzzles that Dendrograna is best known for helping with are:

  • Dendro Elemental Monuments: Activate the monument using the element engraved on the monument.
  • The Withering: Use Dendrograna to remove three withered branches.
  • Removable Dendro Item: Use a charged attack while carrying a Dendrograna.
  • Floating Dendro Item: Shoot the item with a aimed shot while carrying a Dendrograna.


Like other Grana in the world, Dendrograna are helpful beings who can help your character succeed in their endeavors.

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