All Gold Nucleus locations in Navia in Tower of Fantasy

There’s a lot to do in Tower of Fantasy, and all of the activities, weapons, characters, and resources can be confusing. One that is very important is Gold Nuclei. You can trade this resource for characters, weapons, and more. This may have you wondering where to find Gold Nucleus in the third area, Navia, in Tower of Fantasy.

Where to find all gold cores in Navia in Tower of Fantasy

So far, we have found 24 gold cores in the third zone, Navia, in Tower of Fantasy. Cetus Island makes the map harder to read, so we marked Gold Nucleus directly on Cetus Island with yellow stars and other Gold Nucleus with red stars. Use this listing for the gold core on the island of Cetus.

  • Golden Core of the Isle of Cetus
  • Entrance to Dr. Claire’s lab
  • Supply module
  • Ring under the main platform

All other gold cores are marked with the red stars and can be obtained by the following means.

  • Climbing/reaching high points
  • Supply Modules
  • Chow-chow
  • Strange Cube Puzzles
  • Omnium Hand Cannon Puzzles
  • Mushroom puzzles
  • Navia oil rig
  • Tar Pits (gun)
  • Lava Pools (Ice Weapon)
  • Force induction plate puzzles (diving attack)


Use this list to find any Gold Core and check each method if you’re having trouble claiming them. One thing to note is that there are a few gold cores floating on and around the wires from the Isle of Cetus. Here’s where to find all Navia Gold Cores in Tower of Fantasy.

North Navia Gold Nucleus dans Tower of Fantasy

South Navia Gold Nucleus dans Tower of Fantasy

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