All Knighthood Character Abilities in Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights was heavily influenced by the Arkham series of games, but there are a few things that make this game unique. It relies more on RPG mechanics and also has some cool perks that can be unlocked through character skill trees. One of the coolest things about Gotham Knights is the knightly abilities each character can unlock. Unlocking a character’s knight abilities grants them access to unique traversal methods that can help players move around Gotham much faster.

Below are each character’s Knighthood traversal abilities. With options found to be as cool as these, it can be difficult to decide which character to primarily play as. We recommend unlocking the Knighthood Traversal ability for each hero to see which one works best with your playstyle.

All character chivalry abilities in Gotham Knights

Batgirl – Glider

Image via Warner Bros. Games

Batgirl can glide through the air using her cape. This traversal ability is most reminiscent of classic Batman gliding and is easily the most maneuverable of all the hero’s knight abilities. Players can move quickly, but can also use this ability to jump on unsuspecting baddies as well.


Nightwing – Flying Trapeze

Image via Warner Bros. Games

Nightwing is an extremely skilled acrobat, so it makes sense that his traversal ability would be themed as such. The Flying Trapeze is a motorized glider that can move through the air at high speed. It is very useful for getting around and can even be used to down enemies in battle. It’s not as fast as some of the other traversal abilities, but it’s a lot of fun to use.

Robin – Slides

Image via Warner Bros. Games

Robin’s traversable ability is called Slideways. With this move, Robin will enter a portal and be teleported a short distance away. The player can decide where Robin ends up. It’s not as smooth as other heroes’ abilities, but it’s really cool and can get players around Gotham pretty quickly.

Red Hood – Mystical Leap

Image via Warner Bros. Games

Red Hood leaps into the air using magic with his Knighthood ability. Red Hood’s use of the Lazarus Pits has given him a connection to mystical energy which he can harness to move around the city at incredible speeds. This ability can be a little clunky, but it’s one of the coolest on the list.

How to Unlock Chivalry Abilities in Gotham Knights

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

All heroes unlock chivalry abilities in the same way, but stages will need to be completed with each character. It can be a little tedious, but it’s worth it for the extra abilities that come with it. Following the steps below will unlock chivalry abilities for each character:

  • Defeat three minibosses
  • Stop 10 premeditated crimes
  • Complete the Timed Strike formation

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