All Moonbreaker Characters (So Far)

Moonbreaker is a turn-based strategic digital tabletop game featuring a world created in part by Brandon Sanderson and Unknown Worlds Entertainment. It features a sci-fi world filled with interesting and diverse characters. Below we’ve listed all of the characters revealed so far in Moonbreaker and will update this list once we have more information.

All Moonbreaker Characters

The characters seemed to be divided into two roles: captains and units. The distinction between the two is unclear, but there are plans to add 50 characters at launch and more at a later date. We’ve compiled a list of known characters from the official Moonbreaker website and YouTube channel, which you can find below.

All Moonbreaker Captains


Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

“Astra, 12, is a child prodigy, exploring the Reaches and learning what it means to be a leader. She charges into battle atop her colorful creature (and best friend) named Furg. »

  • Culture: Methodori
  • Type: Remote
  • Class: Captain

I am better

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

“Originally programmed to be a mindless, remorseless killing machine called the Death Bot, feared throughout The Reaches, Extilior has grown sentient and has now chosen an honorable path. »

  • Culture: Methodori
  • Type: Melee
  • Class: Captain

Zax Jak’ar

Image via Unknown Worlds Entertainment

“Zax is a smart, fast-talking villain, blasting his way through the Reaches with a joke and a plasma blaster. He died on his last job, but he tries not to let that get him down. »

  • Culture: Smugglers
  • Type: Remote
  • Class: Captain


Unknown Moonbreaker Characters and Units

As Moonbreaker is not out yet and will be released in Early Access, there are a lot of characters that we don’t have enough information about. We’ll update this guide once we know more about the characters and units below.

  • Beatris, enforcer
  • broken revenge
  • Chuck & Co.
  • Crankbait
  • Reticle
  • deadeye
  • Detonated
  • Tlally Drum Dancer
  • Florio, Lancer
  • Fury
  • Jailbreak
  • Maxim
  • Micoani thicket
  • Necahual
  • Rampart of Novian
  • Peacemaker Balam
  • Quetzalli
  • Backfire rickety
  • Savria, backup
  • rumble
  • Stitchy McPatchy
  • Backtrack
  • Dance, Arsenal
  • Plants
  • Tona Mystique Metzli
  • Torian, Guardian
  • Toxoid
  • Ursix Nectarvine
  • Ursix Scattervine

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