All Riddler puzzles in Central Gotham in Minecraft Batman DLC

Batman and Minecraft have joined forces to thwart Gotham’s worst villains. This includes the Riddler, who has scattered various puzzles across the city. Solving these puzzles will unlock various new costumes for Batman. Each area has nine puzzles to solve, including Central Gotham.

How to Solve All Riddler Puzzles in Central Gotham in Minecraft Batman DLC

Solving all Riddler puzzles in Central Gotham will require various items obtained from bosses, gadgets, and parkour skills. Here’s where to find and how to solve all the Riddler puzzles in the Minecraft x Batman Central Gotham area.

Enigma puzzle 1

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

The first puzzle is easy to solve; just head to the location shown in the image above. The green ? block is located on the street at ground level. Activate your glasses and follow the blue? blocks. You will need to use the grappling hook to reach certain points. Once you reach the end, grab the Riddler puzzle piece.

Riddle Puzzle 2

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

Much like the first, head to the location shown above. Use your glasses on the green? block and follow the blues. You’ll also need to tackle the building to claim the puzzle piece.

Riddle 3 puzzle

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

Go green? block at the location above and follow the blue? blocks with your glasses. This will take you to a wall with beams through it. You can use the BNT Cart gadget to blast this, or you can try to get through using the grappling hook. The room is in the last wall on the right.


Puzzle 4 riddle

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

This puzzle piece is in the bank. Follow the ? blocks from the front entrance to the rear. You will need the penguin hacking device to get through the door. Follow the path and use the bat pickaxe to knock down the cracked wall and claim the puzzle piece.

Puzzle Riddler 5 – Pickaxe

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

The green ? block is at the front of the theater and follows the blue? blocks will lead you to the side. You’ll come to a wall that can be smashed with the bat pickaxe to reveal the puzzle piece.

Riddle 6 puzzle

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

Find the green? block at the location above and activate your glasses. Follow them from the outside of the building to the roof. Once there, use the interior staircase to go down. The puzzle piece will be in a side room where the blue? the blocks lead you.


Puzzle Riddler 7 – Pickaxe

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

This location is right on the doorstep of Wayne Manor. Follow the blue? boulders at a cliff. You can either jump from higher and glide towards the cave or use the ability granted by Poison Ivy to reach the cave. Once inside, use the bat pickaxe to knock down the wall.

Puzzle 8 riddle

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

You can easily access this room with Penguin’s hacking device or by sliding down walls using buildings and train tracks. Whichever way you enter, you’ll need the Poison Ivy ability and the Bat Pickaxe. With that in hand, head to the green? block marked in the image above and follow the blue ? blocks using the tools above and grab the puzzle piece.

Puzzle 9 riddle

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

The final piece is in the GCPD. Head back to the marked location. You will need Mr. Freeze’s ice gun to freeze the water. Once you do that, follow the blue? blocks, and you will come to the puzzle piece.

With all of the Central Gotham Riddler puzzle pieces in hand, return to the Batcave and place them on the board. This will reveal a secret location where you can claim your reward.

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