All Salmon Run bosses in Splatoon 3

Unlike Turf War, Salmon Run is a cooperative game mode in Splatoon 3. You must work with friends or strangers to eliminate salmonids and claim golden eggs. To do this, you must defeat the salmonid bosses and bring the golden eggs to your basket. This may have you wondering how to beat all the bosses in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run.

How to Beat All Salmonid Bosses in Splatoon 3 – Salmon Run Boss Guides

There are 11 main bosses in Splatoon 3’s Salmon Run and King Salmon that can spawn in a surprise fourth round. Each boss requires different strategies and should be fought with caution. Here are all of the Salmon Run bosses in Splatoon 3 and how to beat them.


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The Steelhead is a simple boss, but one that can be difficult to deal with. Wait for him to stop and start charging his bomb. Shoot the bomb on his head with everything you have; otherwise, it will throw the bomb, which covers a large area of ​​ink. If you deal enough damage to his bomb, it will explode and destroy itself. The Charge Shot, in particular, is excellent against this boss.

Flying fish

The Flyfish can be one of the toughest bosses to fight simply because of the mechanism needed to defeat it. You have to wait for him to stop and open his jetpacks. Once it’s done, throw a grenade in both to knock it down. You need to line up your grenade throws correctly, otherwise you might miss or drop the grenade. When he attacks, he launches a barrage of missiles that will follow you and your teammates. Avoid these as they can be devastating.


The Scrapper wears heavy armor that protects him from most attacks. You can wear it down by continuously detonating it. Once you’ve done enough damage, he’ll stop and open his armor. Alternatively, you can sneak up behind and attack the pilot, avoiding the armor completely. Although the Scrapper may seem easy to beat, be careful when surrounded by small salmonids.

steel eel


The Steel Eel can be a pain to fight as it is completely impervious to damage except for the pilot in the rear. The Steel Eel will target and follow a player; they should retreat and leave their teammates behind. Blast the pilot with everything you have, and he should drop quickly. The Steel Eel can quickly kill you, so avoid its ink and run away before you get trapped.


The Stinger is especially deadly because it knocks you across the map before you’re aware of its presence. If you don’t spot him immediately, follow the trail of his green laser. When you find him, attack the pots that make up his tower. Once you destroy each pot, it will fall to the ground and be defeated.

A mouse

Maws can be a tough boss to fight as he can go underground and spawn where you least expect it. Pay attention to the flashing antenna on its head, as this gives away its position. When a green circle appears around the antenna, move around and drop a grenade there. Maws will appear and swallow the grenade, dying instantly. If you miss the grenade placement, blast it with everything you have before it overwhelms.


The Drizzler is an annoying boss as he can hide under his umbrella and fire missiles across the map. Dodge the missiles and wait for them to come out. Once it’s done, blast it with all your firepower to quickly defeat it before it can retreat to safety. Pay attention that it takes air and also moves.


fish stick

The Fish Stick is an annoying boss because you have to climb its pillar once it lands. Spray the spray with your ink and move upwards. Once there, blast the spinning salmonids until they are all downed. We recommend a player stay on top and throw eggs at other players.


Flipper-Flopper is a relatively easy boss. He telegraphs his movements by dropping a salmon ink ring. It will then leap into the air and dive into this ink. Cover the circle with your own ink, and the Flipper-Flopper will crash into the ground and be stunned. Lie on it with everything you have to defeat it.

big hat

The Big Shot is something of a coward; it will disembark briefly and drop a cannon. He’ll charge the cannon and then retreat to the sea. Defeat him before he can get away, or you’ll face an annoying boss. You can use its cannon to launch golden eggs into your basket.

Slamming lid

The Slammer Lid can be very dangerous if you’re fighting it around a swarm, as you have to trigger its snap. Dive into its area of ​​effect and back away quickly. Once he falls, jump on him and start blasting his head. He doesn’t have much health, so you should be able to take him down quickly. Don’t let the minions slow your retreat, or you’ll be crushed.

King Salmonid

He is the big boss, king of the salmonids. The Salmon King only appears randomly on a surprise fourth turn, but when it does, it means business. Although the King Salmonid itself isn’t terribly threatening, you’re still fighting Salmonid cubs and bosses.

King Salmoind will mostly launch into the air and descend with a shockwave. Avoid it and keep your distance. Blast the King Salmonid to drain its health bar, but don’t neglect other enemies. These can easily overrun you or push you into a bad place just as the king salmonid descends. To beat the king salmonid, you will have to divert your attention to attack it directly and defeat the other salmonids.

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