All Umbrella Academy skins from the Cha-Cha and Hazel pack in CoD Warzone & Vanguard

After the massive Terminator crossover, Call of Duty devs are now bringing Umbrella Academy-themed cosmetics to Warzone and Vanguard. Available for purchase during Last Stand Season 5, the premium packs are for two major characters from the superhero series: Cha-Cha and Hazel. Here’s an overview of the two cosmetic packs and how to unlock them.

Comment obtenir les skins The Umbrella Academy dans Call of Duty Warzone et Vanguard

Image via Activision

Players can purchase The Umbrella Academy packs from the Warzone & Vanguard in-game store for 2,400 CoD Points each. Valued at $20, each of these two cosmetic packs contains an Operator skin, two weapon blueprints, and various other rewards. Additionally, purchasing both packs before September 30 will entitle you to bonus rewards including the KG M40 “Time’s Up” Blueprint, a Weapon Charm, and a Calling Card.


Pack Tracer : The Umbrella Academy – Cha-Cha

  • “Cha-Cha” Legendary Operator Skin for Wade
  • “Bonesaw” Legendary Assault Rifle blueprint for Vargo-S
  • Blueprint for legendary submachine gun “Costello” for Welgun
  • Legendary Finisher “Cut The Crap”
  • “Hold Still” Legendary MVP Highlight
  • Legendary “Sugary Support” Business Card
  • Legendary “Idiot Box” Emblem
  • Legendary “Total Hackjob” Spray
  • Legendary Sticker “Mini Cadets Cookies”
  • Bone Shredder Legendary Weapon Charm

Pack Tracer : The Umbrella Academy—Hazel

Soon available in game.

  • Legendary Operator Skin “Hazel” for Lewis
  • Legendary submachine gun blueprint “Electric Lollipop” for Marco 5
  • Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint “Sugar Loader” for Cooper Carbine
  • Legendary Finisher
  • Legendary MVP Highlight
  • Legendary Business Card “Big Shocker”
  • legendary emblem
  • Legendary “Messy Joy” Spray
  • “Dispatch Signal” Legendary Sticker
  • Legendary Weapon Charm “Sweet Atomic Power”

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