All Verdant Blossom locations in Valkyrie Elysium

If you want to unlock Valkyrie Elysium’s true ending, you’ll need to find every Verdant Blossom hidden throughout the game. they were not all collected. Here is where you can find each of the nine flowers.

Where to find Verdant Flowers in Valkyrie Elysium

chapter three

The first flowers start appearing in Chapter Three, and you can locate them on the map by looking for tiny green dots. Because Verdant Blossoms are such an important part of gameplay, the very first one is pretty easy to find. Just go to the middle of the bridge which is near the first save point in chapter three. Picking up this flower will trigger a cutscene.

Once you’re about halfway through Chapter Three, kill all of the enemies around the temple before climbing the stairs and entering a room on the second level which can be reached by walking on wooden planks. This piece contains another flower.

chapter four

After reaching the second save point, turn right and go down the stairs to find a leafy flower on the balcony above the water. The second flower in this chapter is a little harder to spot because it only appears on the map once the player is on the same level as the flower. To find it, look around the castle at the end of the chapter. To enter the room that has the Verdant Blossom, navigate around the blocked entrance using the stairs.

chapter five

This rest of the game only offers one flower per chapter. The one from chapter five can be found at the end of the chapter once you’ve beaten the boss and recruited Kristoffer.


Once done, go to the end of the map and then turn left. This will push you into a small side area with a path left and right. For the flower, take the right path and let Kristoffer get rid of the dark barrier. The Verdant Blossom is located behind the barrier.

chapter six

Chapter Six Verdant Blossom is located inside the first bell tower, which is locked. In front of the tower there is a broken bridge – jump over the bridge and defeat the enemies on the other side. Once they’re dead, look in the upper right corner for an outcrop that contains a treasure chest. The chest contains the key to the steeple.

Once in the tower, go down the stairs. You’ll find the Verdant Blossom in the room at the bottom of the stairs.

chapter seven

You’ll know you’re on the right track for the Verdant Blossom when you enter the castle. You will be able to see the Verdant Blossom icon on the castle map. Similar to the flower in chapter four, to reach the flower you will need to go up and down stairs to get around the blocked door.

For this level, enter the blocked room from the upper floor and jump into the room. There will be a switch on the side of the wall. This will cause the door to open and you can collect the Verdant Flower.


Chapter Eight

It is one of the most difficult flowers to obtain because you will have to solve a puzzle to reach it. As it stands, the only thing that separates you from the flower is a body of water that will poison you if you touch it. Carefully move along the edge of the water and you’ll find a series of crystals crossing the lake. Use the crystals to get to the Verdant Flower and back.

Chapter Nine

You will only be able to collect this flower if you have already acquired all the other flowers. The Chapter Nine map is quite linear, making it easier and easier to find the flower. Simply look inside a small alcove and collect your treasure.

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