An Elden Ring board game is coming soon to Kickstarter

From the creators of the official Dark Souls and Resident Evil board games, an official Elden Ring board game has been announced by Steamforged Games. The project will receive seed funding from a Kickstarter campaign, where fans can provide launch money for the game and receive exclusive rewards in return. These rewards may include bonuses such as player mats, game expansions and additional game pieces.

Steamforged Games is also responsible for the highly successful Dark Souls board game, which surpassed its funding goal of over three million pounds on Kickstarter. The Dark Souls board game features tons of intricate pieces, with careful attention to detail, so we can expect the Elden Ring game to feature a similar build quality. Currently, the developers have released a limited amount of information about the Elden Ring board game, saying the Kickstarter campaign is “coming soon” on their tweet.


Besides that cryptic release date, we have a mysterious invitation on the same tweet, saying “Take a new journey with us, Terni. While we don’t know many details about the game’s features, we can’t wait to see how creative Steamforged Games is. It’s hard even to imagine the beauty of Torrent captured in plastic or the terrifying figure of Malenia. We hope to see some of the community’s favorite characters, including Blaidd the Half-Wolf and Iron Fist Alexander. Considering the magnificent pieces of the Dark Souls board game, we have high expectations for the official Elden Ring board game and are eagerly awaiting the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

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