Animal Crossing Villager Tier List – Best ACNH Villagers, Ranked

Animal Crossing is nothing without the company of its island inhabitants. Some villagers, however, stand out from the rest. We’ve put together a tier list of our all-time favorite Animal Crossing villagers as well as some who are real stinkers.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Villager Tier List

Stage villagers
S Annabelle, Ankha, Apollo, Bob, Cherry, Lucky, Fauna
A Antonio, Audie, Aurora, Flora, Chadder
B Celia, Star, Hopper, Ketchup, Raymond
VS Coco, Roald, Barold, Moe
D Pietro, Benne, Limberg, Quillson

S-level ACNH Villagers

  • Annabelle: This spirited anteater has taken the world by storm with her fashionable look and tropical style. It’s hard to find a villager who enjoys ACNH’s island vibe as much as she does.
  • Ankha: Ankha is one of the most sought-after villagers in the game, and it’s no surprise given her unique appearance and distinctive style.
  • Apollo: Apollo may be a grumpy old eagle, but he makes a loyal friend once you prove yourself a loyal companion. He loves music, sunsets and (though he would never admit it) loves long walks on the beach.
  • Cherry: Cherry is a tough, brotherly dog ​​who will absolutely rock your island. It’s no surprise that her favorite thing is music, and it looks like she might give KK Slider a hard time if they go head-to-head in a battle of the bands.
  • Fauna: Without wanting to be dramatic, Fauna is perhaps the best character in the game. Her granny vibes are perfect for exploring the fruit trees and hanging out in the wilderness that envelops the island.


A-level ACNH Villagers

  • Antonio: There aren’t too many jocks on this tier list, but Antonio is the exception. This friendly anteater will zoom all over the island and he’s so cute his wind sprints alone earned him a spot in Tier A.
  • Aurora: Aurora is a cute little penguin with a button down sweater and a tiny bit of a lisp, which could just be because she’s always out in the cold. She loves education and snuggling up with a good book.
  • Flora: Flora’s energetic personality might be a little strong at first, but give her time and you’ll fall in love with this ostrich fashionista.
  • Chadder: Don’t let Chadder’s smug personality scare you off. Beneath the fitness and bravado of this tuxedo-wearing mouse is a friendly villager who will win your heart.

Level B ACNH Villagers

  • Etoile: Etoile is a pink and purple sheep who loves music and going out with friends. She’s the perfect fit if you’re striving to create a pastel pop island.
  • Ketchup: Ketchup is an adorable duck that appropriately looks like a tomato.
  • Raymond: Raymond’s eye-catching heterochromia and love of nature captured the hearts of the internet when it was first released, and that passion hasn’t slowed down in ACNH.

C-level ACNH Villagers

  • Coco: Coco is one of the most unique characters in the game. Although she is technically a rabbit, she has many of the same characteristics as many of the gyroids that are scattered all over the island.
  • Roald: Roald is just a penguin who is also a sportsman. Watching him run around in his striped red shirt is super cute, but sometimes his love of fitness can be a little too much.
  • Barold: Barold… good. He’s a lazy bear who loves to play with other villagers, but his cold, lo-fi existence can drain your energy if you’re not careful. It’s a bit of an energy vampire.


Level D ACNH Villagers

  • Pietro: Pietro is a smug sheep with a slightly inflated ego. He agrees that his whole appearance resembles a clown.
  • Limberg: Limberg is a grumpy mouse, but that’s not why he’s at the bottom of this list. His stocky beard and rosy cheeks give him a distinct clownish appearance and it’s extremely off-putting.
  • Quillson: Quillson just sucks. He’s a smug duck with a silly outfit and hairstyle. He doesn’t get along with any villagers and doesn’t understand why no one likes him.

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