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Anime Story is a fascinating anime game on Roblox full of adventure and action as you battle powerful enemies, complete quests for recognizable Anime characters, and try to build your character into a mighty warrior. Collect gems and level up to increase your strength and vital stats and unlock various abilities and awakenings. You can choose your path as hero or villain as you explore the open world of possibilities. Here are all the basic controls and how to use them while you play.

How to Dash in Anime Story

Dashing is a useful maneuver for dodging incoming attacks or evading an enemy to deliver a killing blow. Press Q while moving in any direction to make your character perform a fast rolling action. You’ll need to allow the skill to cool down before completing another one, so use it wisely. You can track the duration of its cooldown at the bottom left of your toolbar.

How to Sprint in Anime Story

To make your character run, press the left Ctrl key. This will help you move around the map faster and steer clear of any danger on your way to your destination. Since various locations and stores are spread out, you’ll want to use this ability as much as possible. You can press the left Ctrl key again to return to a walk.

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How to Double Jump in Anime Story

Double jumping is another great way to evade enemies or reach higher ground to get an item or reach a destination. Like the Dash, it also requires a cooldown between attempts. This is visible in your toolbar right next to your Dash key. To perform a double jump, press the spacebar twice, allowing your character to be airborne before your second press, and move in the desired direction.

How to Block in Anime Story

In addition to a good offense, you always want an effective defense. When an enemy attacks you, hold down the F key to initiate a shield around you. If you time the block precisely when the enemy attacks, you can perform a perfect block, in which your shield will turn purple. A perfect block temporarily stuns an enemy for a counterattack, allowing you to take them down more easily without taking damage yourself.

How to Load in Anime Story

Specific skills require energy to perform, such as blocking or using your abilities. Your energy is displayed as a blue bar just below your health bar and above your toolbar. When your energy is depleted, you will need to recharge. To do this, hold down the R key until your blue energy meter is completely filled again.

How to Use Abilities and Awakenings in Anime Story

Abilities are some of the most essential actions in the game, as they strengthen your character and help you take down enemies with ease. You can unlock Abilities and Awakenings to the Summoning Alter randomly, and their rarity may differ.

Once you have a power, make sure it’s equipped via your inventory menu and select a slot for it, such as slot 1, 2, etc. You will be able to see them in your toolbar as you equip them, listed with a specific hotkey. . Then, in battle, press the equipped hotkey: Z, X, C, V, or B. Awakening skills can be found right next to your health and energy meters and are used with N. Some skills require that you press M1 after initiating them to throw them. or shoot them at enemies in your way.


How to Interact with NPCs in Anime Story

NPCs are spread across the map and can offer you valuable skills and training and give you quests that aid in your character’s progression. To interact with any NPC, approach them until the chat bubble appears and hold down the E key. This interaction key is also used in shops, with the Summoning Alter or for mining.

How to Interact with Objects in Anime Story

Although the E key is used for most interactions in the experience, some items will require you to click on them instead, such as harvestable items for quests or certain crafting materials. Instead of holding E, move your mouse cursor over it and press M1 to interact or pick up the item.

These are the basic commands and tips to help you start your Anime Story adventure. There’s so much more to discover as you progress through your character and unlock special abilities that will wipe out any enemies in your path!

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