Aurora Somnacanth Weaknesses, Resistances & Drops – MHR Sunbreak

Aurora Somnacanth Weaknesses, Resistances & Drops – MHR Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak is the expansion for MH Rise that brings back many fan favorites and more, so you can take them all down with the new Switch skills you can acquire. Somncacanth is a new monster, and Capcom has already upgraded it with Ice for Sunbreak to make it deadlier. So here’s everything we have on Aurora Somnacanth’s weaknesses, resistances, and drops in MHR Sunbreak.

Below is a legend of the meaning of all the symbols.

All information and weaknesses of Aurora Somnacanth in MHR Sunbreak

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Light illuminates the dust scattered around this subspecies, gently shimmering their fantastical appearance. Aurora Somnacanth sprays icy blasts in place of sleep powder, attacking anyone who dares to enter their territory.

Aurora Somnacanth Elemental Weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Aurora Somncanth is resistant to most elemental types. Still, since he uses ice attacks, you want to equip a fire elemental weapon and focus on his head and front legs. Thunder is Aurora’s second weakness, however, all other types are useless to use.

Aurora Somnacanth Weapon Location Weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Blunt weapons are the best thing to use against Aurora Somnacanth, but Cutting is exceptionally close behind. For hammers, focus only on the head and let chop and ammo weapons focus on the neck.

rooms To cut Blunt Ammunition
Head 55 65 45
Head fin 45 45 45
Neck 70 70 30
Foreleg 35 30 20
Abdomen 30 30 15
Return 25 25 25
Hind leg 25 30 15

Aurora Somnacanth Status resistances and ailments in MHR Sunbreak

Like Astalos, Aurora Somnacanth is resistant to most things, as she is fully immune to sleep. Blast is great to use if you have it, and finding an assistant to inflict fireblight for that constant damage effect will help you in the fight.

Poison Exhaust
Stun fire blight ★★
Paralysis The water burn
Sleep Lightning
Blast ★★ ice burn

Aurora Somnacanth Drop Rates – sculpt, capture, break, and more in MHR Sunbreak

There are many ways to get Monster Coins, but it heavily revolves around a percentage system, which is RNG.

  • There are several ways to get items:
  • You can usually trim three times once the monster is dead, but this can change with skills and monster type.
  • All of said monster’s slashing appendages can normally be carved once
  • Capturing the monster instead of killing it can change the reward percentage
  • Breaking coins, claws and monster wings increases the chances of getting more coins
  • By getting the white drops that fall from the monster
  • Earn rewards for completing your quest.
Materials Target rewards Catch Rewards Broken Parts Rewards Carves
Aurocanthus Ice Scale 21% 17% 16% (Head fin)
20% (Arm)
96% (Tail)
42% (Body)
Aurocanth cortex 33% 32% –% 32% (Body)
aurocanth fin 14% –% 80% (head fin) 10% (Body)
Monster Slogbone ten% 9%[x2] –% 14% (Body)
cryogenic bag 19% 14% –% –%
Great Wyvern Gem 3% 4% 4% (head fin)
4% (tail)
2% (Body)
Aurocanthus Claw –% 24% 80%[x2] (Arms) –%

By looting the monster’s fallen white drops, you can potentially acquire the following: Auroracanth Icescale 70%, Large Wyvern Gem 1%, Auroracanth Iceclaw 30%, Wyvern Tear 10%, and Large Wyvern Tear 40%.

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