Best Amulet Enchantments in God of War Ragnarok – Enchantment Tier List

God of War Ragnarok brings us many challenges to overcome. Regular fights and boss encounters can be tricky even at lower difficulty levels, especially for new players. To make things easier, players can find enchantments throughout the game, which will make combat much easier by boosting Kratos’ stats.

What are the best amulet enchantments in God of War Ragnarok?

After defeating Niddhogg through the main quest, you will unlock the Amulet of Ygdrassil. It has nine equippable slots, allowing you to apply enchantments and build Kratos stats to your preference. These enchantments provide passive stat boosts and can be combined across three parts of the same realm, providing additional bonuses.

10. Emblem of the Nine Kingdoms

You can get this enchantment after defeating Heimdal. It increases melee damage during realm changes. This enchantment will come in handy when players are tracking individual realm changes, as the resulting enemies are usually difficult to defeat.

9. Bifrost Remedy

Players can craft this enchantment anywhere Brok or Sindri have settled upon reaching the start of The Words of Fate main mission. This enchantment provides a small amount of Bifrost cleanse of Kratos’ health bar on successful attacks on enemies.

8. Svartalfheim Security

You can get this enchantment by completing the Garden of the Dead Favor in Vanaheim. This enchantment increases stun damage dealt based on Kratos’ defense. Players can activate the Perk Set Bonus by equipping two other Svartalfheim Enchantments.

7. Honor of Svartalfheim

Players can obtain this enchantment by completing the conscience for boon of the dead in Vanaheim. This enchantment gives Kratos 10 points to his defense rating. When combined with other Svartalfheim enchantments, you get an even bigger defense bonus and increased stun damage as measured by total defense rating.

6. The Fortune of Svartalfheim

You can get the fortune of Svartalfheim as a reward for performing the boon of healing the dead in Vanaheim. It gives you four defense points and nine recharge points. That might not seem like a lot, but it adds up, especially when used as a trifecta with other Svartalfheim enchantments.


5. The Fortune of Niflheim

This enchantment can be crafted for 1500 Hacksilver after completing the Reunion scenario. It provides 5 defense points and eight vitality points. As part of Niflheim’s enchantment set, he can provide you with a set bonus that increases Kratos’ melee damage when he exceeds 75% health based on his defense rating.

4. Niflheim Security

When you first acquire the Amulet of Yggdrassil, you can craft this enchantment at any location Brok or Sindri have settled. This enchantment gives you 10 healthy defense points, giving you a tremendous defense bonus.

3. Niflheim’s Virtue

Players can obtain this enchantment at Goddess Falls in Vanaheim when they complete the treasure map under the rainbow. The 3. Virtue of Niflheim provides players with three defense points and a significant cooldown increase of 12 points.

2. Celestial Panacea

You can find the Celestial Panacea by gifting Crystal Shards to the Vanaheim Wishing Well, which comes with several other great rewards. This enchantment will provide you with 25% resistance to all status effects, which are:

  • Freeze
  • Burn
  • Blind
  • Daze
  • Poison
  • Shock
  • Bifrost

1. Superior Regenerating Essence

Superior Regenerative Essence is, in our opinion, the next level essence that you can equip on your Yggdrasil Amulet. You can get it by killing the Slag Horn in the Path of Destruction in the Vanaheim Jungle. This enchantment adds a large amount of constant health regeneration, which will keep you alive and ready for battle.

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