Best bodyguard build in Steelrising

The Bodyguard class in Steelrising relies on heavy weapons that deal devastating power attacks. There are five different types of weapons players can wield, each dealing high impact damage. Players may find it hard to get used to a slower playstyle, but a big part of the Bodyguard’s strengths lie in his ability to hit tanks. These are the best builds for bodyguards in the early, mid, and late game in Steelrising.

Make the best bodyguard build in Steelrising

Bodyguard’s greatest strengths lie in face tanking while dealing damage in return. Durability and engineering are important to keep the player alive while dealing lots of damage. The increased balance, health, and armor will make the player nearly unkillable, but more importantly, unstoppable. It relies on five types of weapons, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Maces/Hammers – Heavy, slow weapons that deal large amounts of impact damage.
  • Wheels – Similar to maces but inflicts wider and faster attacks with high amounts of impact damage.
  • Chains – Fastest heavy weapon that has long range while dealing a moderate amount of impact damage.
  • Halberds – Similar to Chains with their long reach, Halberds are faster and deal a moderate amount of damage.
  • Staves – A hybrid weapon for power and alchemy users who use paired weapons to deal physical and alchemical damage.

Best early game bodyguard build in Steelrising

Bodyguard starts with more durability and engineering, making it the best defensive option of the four classes. It’s relatively slow, but players will be able to take a lot of hits with no problem. Just because players start out with a Power Affinity weapon doesn’t mean they have to stick with it all the time. However, to take advantage of the class’ strengths, players should opt for weapons that deal a lot of charged attack damage while using mods that increase it. At the start of the game, the most optimal build would be:

  • Armed
    • Body of Work – For pure impact damage.
    • Gribeauval Halberd – For ranged damage.
    • Chain of Fire – For elemental damage.
    • Wheel of Vengeance – For impact and charged attack damage.
  • Armor
    • Everything – The goal of armor for a bodyguard build is to either be as defensive as possible or to raise the balance high enough to withstand all attacks.
  • Modules
    • Grade I Reinforced Armor Mod – Increases armor to increase both balance and defense.
    • Grade I Stamina Module – Increases stamina and balance.

If players feel they are not doing enough damage, they should increase the power a bit. Balance should only be high enough that it doesn’t stagger when hit and it’s not something players have to level too high to accomplish.

Best mid-game bodyguard build in Steelrising

After getting much better gear, crafting a charged attack build becomes much more doable in Steelrising. Players should be able to withstand almost any hit without being stunned and even use alchemy weapons to force enemies to stand still if overwhelmed. Frost and Petrify Grenades are extremely useful if players want to use them. The Chain of Fire can still be used to great effect, as well as the Wheel of Vengeance, but here are the additional options players should have access to:

  • Armed
    • Leda Halberd – Fast, easy to use and deals a fair amount of charged attack and impact damage.
    • Chain Porevit – Has a fast special move that deals more damage the closer the player is to an enemy. An excellent choice compared to the Gribeauval Halberd.
    • Volley Mallet – Has the same moveset as Body of Work but deals higher damage on its own and with its special move. He is also able to stun enemies out of attacks.
    • Discobulus Wheel – A more powerful version of the Wheel of Vengeance with its own special ranged move that deals high impact damage.
  • Armor
    • All – Armor should be swapped between whichever has the most armor and balance or whichever has the highest alchemical resistance to whatever the player is up against.
  • Modules
    • Grade II Stable Charge Mod – Increases balance during charged attacks, making it less likely to stagger when attacking.
    • Tier II Effective Charge Mod – Increases damage dealt by a fully charged attack. Perfect for this build.
    • Tier II Stamina Mod – Stamina does not always need to be upgraded and it may take a while for the player to level up. This module will therefore increase the stamina of any player who needs it.

Mods upgraded at this stage of the game will lend themselves greatly to the player and give them what they need to cover anything they haven’t upgraded. The same method of using Charged Attacks to deal damage remains, but once players feel they have enough durability they can start to really focus on dealing high damage with their build. The goal is to invest more in power to start downing enemies with a single fully charged attack.

Best late game bodyguard build in Steelrising

Endgame Steelrising should mean players have at least one or two of their mod slots fully upgraded. If players have found a weapon they like, they should stick with it. By the time the endgame arrives, they’ll have found even more weapons, but they won’t necessarily have to use them. This is all players can use for their Bodyguard builds:

  • Armed
    • Requiem Mallet – The best version of the Mallet and Hammer weapons with the strongest charged attack of all.
    • La Pérouse Wheel – A wheel with a very powerful special move that deals three successive hits, each dealing large amounts of impact damage.
    • Saint Elmo/Glass Core Batons – Both Baton weapons are best used for an Alchemy hybrid build. While both deal a decent amount of damage, they lack very powerful charged attacks.
  • Armor
    • Everything – By the end of the game, players will have increased their durability and engineering enough that armor doesn’t matter too much. If players lack balance then armor that increases it is the way to go, otherwise players can choose whatever they desire for the situation.
  • Modules
    • Tier III Stable Charge Mod – If players are off balance, this mod will ensure they don’t get staggered on a charged attack.
    • Tier III Effective Charge Mod – Using this with its Tier II variant will make charged attacks able to fire most enemies in the game.
    • Tier III Destruction Mod – The best mod in the game, increasing physical damage and stacking with other similar mods.

A Bodyguard build is a bit different compared to a Solider build, but it’s a safe bet for players who are new to the genre and want safety over brute force.

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