Best champions for beginners in League of Legends

When selecting a champion in League of Legends, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, especially as a new player. The game is known for its extensive roster, filled with characters of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. It’s hard to tell if you should play a champion based on their looks or their playstyle, but we’re here to help. Here are the best champions for beginners in League of Legends.

Best Beginner-Friendly Champions in League of Legends

We are (top lane)

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Garen is a delightfully simple character to play in top lane. When playing Garen, you have to run towards the enemy fearlessly and swing your sword at them. He is a melee champion, who buys items that increase his armor and attack damage. When it comes to abilities, Garen is all about creating opportunities to swing his sword.

His passive regenerates health when out of combat, so he can continue wielding his sword soon. His Q grants him movement speed and enhances his next attack with his sword. Garen’s W increases his armor and magic resistance, to avoid being hurt by his opponent’s sword. His E spins him around with his sword, and finally, his R makes him dive his sword and execute an enemy. There really isn’t a simpler champion than Garen, which makes him a great choice for beginners.

Nasus (top lane)

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Nasus is an easy character to learn, but he can be deadly in the late game. Nasus is all about scaling, as his siphoning strike gains infinitely more damage each time he kills an enemy with it. This means that Nasus becomes more powerful every minute, as long as he uses Siphoning Strike effectively. Nasus is a melee fighter who builds armor and health items.

Nasus’ abilities are simple, yet deadly. His passive grants him Life Steal, which heals him whenever he attacks an enemy. His Q is Siphoning Strike, which deals bonus damage for each enemy you kill with it. His W gradually slows an enemy and decreases their attack speed, making opponents easier to hunt. His E deals damage in a circular area, reducing the armor of all enemies within its radius. Finally, his R temporarily increases his health, attack range, armor, and magic resist, as well as damages all enemies in the area. This ability also reduces the cooldown of his Q, Siphoning Strike.


Nunu & Willump (Junglers)

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Nunu & Willump are great beginner junglers, due to their sustain potential. This duo’s abilities equip players to not only slay jungle monsters, but also gank lanes. With Nunu & Willump healing, they can also stay longer in the jungle without having to remember. Nunu & Willump is a melee tank that builds health and armor items.

Nunu and Willump’s abilities provide impressive mobility, helping new players position themselves correctly on the map. Their passive increases the attack speed and movement speed of Willump and a nearby ally. Additionally, the passive causes Willump’s basic attacks to hit nearby enemies. Their Q bites an enemy, dealing damage and healing.

Their W creates a snowball that increases in size and speed as they roll it. Once the snowball lands on an opponent, it knocks them down and deals damage. Their E throws ranged snowballs that slow enemies, and after a while, Willump roots any champions hit by a snowball. Finally, their R charges a circular area of ​​damage, slowing enemies. After charging, the ability bursts and deals massive damage.

Master Yi (Jungler)

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Master Yi is a great beginner jungler, due to his high damage and team-fighting potential. He is good at chasing enemies and escaping death. Thanks to his self-healing, Master Yi can stay in the fight for long periods of time, making him an ever-present threat in the jungle. Master Yi is a melee assassin who builds attack speed and lifesteal items.

Master Yi’s abilities are versatile, improving his jungle efficiency and teamfight damage. His passive has him hit twice every few attacks. His Q makes him untargetable, teleporting him between enemies and dealing damage. His W heals and causes him to take reduced damage. Master Yi’s E grants true damage bonuses to his basic attacks. Finally, his R increases his movement speed and attack speed, making him immune to slow effects for a period of time.

Annie (Mid Lane)

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Annie is a mid laner who isn’t too difficult, but still packs a punch in fights. His passive allows him to frequently stun the enemy, creating opportunities to defeat opponents. Her shield abilities are useful for running away from enemies, as they grant movement speed. Annie is a ranged mage who builds ability power and burns damage items.

Annie’s passive causes every fourth ability to stun her opponent. Its Q launches a fireball at the enemy, refunding its mana cost if it kills the target. Her W emits a cone of fire that is especially powerful when paired with her passive stun. Her E grants herself or an ally a shield, increasing their movement speed. This shield also damages any enemies that hit it with basic attacks. His R summons his bear Tibbers, who will hunt opponents and attack them. It also burns all nearby opponents.

Ahri (middle lane)

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Ahri is a mid laner with impressive mobility and crowd control. She can skillfully dash across the battlefield, dashing out of harm’s way if necessary. With enough items and skills, Ahri can lead her team to victory. Ahri is a ranged mage who builds items of ability power and magic penetration.

Ahri’s passive grants her healing every time she kills nine monsters or minions. If she kills a champion, she receives increased healing. Her Q sends an orb which she removes, dealing damage both times. Ahri’s W grants her movement speed and launches three projectiles that lock onto nearby enemies. Her E launches a heart projectile that charms an enemy on contact, incapacitating them and forcing them to walk towards her. Finally, Ahri’s R causes her to dash and fire a damaging bolt. This ability can be cast three times and gains an additional cast on an enemy pullback.


Miss Fortune (ADC)

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Miss Fortune is an ADC that deals massive damage with her abilities. It bombards the enemy with projectiles, slowing them down and ensuring the death of champions. If she is able to claim enough gold early on, Miss Fortune becomes a terrifying threat in the late game. Miss Fortune is a ranged sniper that builds attack damage and critical chance items.

Miss Fortune’s passive causes her to deal bonus physical damage when she hits a new target with basic attacks. His Q fires a bouncing projectile at an enemy, also dealing damage to an enemy behind him. Her W grants her attack speed and passively movement speed when out of combat. His E deals damage over time in a circular region, slowing enemies. His R fires constant projectiles in a cone, dealing massive damage to all nearby opponents.


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Sivir is an ADC with an impressive range. Using her boomerang-like attacks, she can take out low health enemies from a distance. She also provides utility to the rest of her team, with a movement speed boost as her ultimate ability. Sivir is a ranged sniper that builds critical hit chance and attack speed items.

Sivir’s passive grants her a burst of movement speed when attacking an enemy champion. His Q throws his blade like a boomerang, returning it to his hand after dealing damage back and forth. His W gives him attack speed for the next three attacks, allowing them to bounce to separate targets at the cost of reduced damage. Her E shields herself, blocking the next enemy ability. If the shield succeeds in blocking it, she receives temporary health and movement speed. His R grants allies a burst of movement speed, while reducing the cooldown of his abilities after each basic attack.

Lux (Support)

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Lux is a support champion with high amounts of damage and crowd control. With her abilities, she can stop enemies in their tracks and help secure kills for the ADC. His R is also on an incredibly short cooldown and deals a surprising amount of damage. Lux is a ranged mage who builds ability powers and support items.

Lux’s passive applies energy to the target when hit by one of her spells. When she uses a basic attack on this target, she deals bonus damage. Her Q immobilizes two opponents in her path, dealing damage. His W throws his wand, granting a shield to any ally he hits. His E triggers a circle of damage, which slows enemies and can explode for additional damage. His R fires a massive laser, which damages all enemies in a straight line after a short delay.

Nami (Support)

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Nami is a support champion who heals and buffs allies. She is excellent at controlling the battlefield, stunning enemies who seek to harm her allies. Although she is a support, she can also deal damage with her healing ability and bubble ability. Nami is a ranged mage who builds support and anti-healing items.

Nami’s passive causes her abilities to increase the movement speed of allies, but only if they hit her allies. His Q launches a bubble in a designated area, stunning enemies and dealing damage. His W emits a stream of water that bounces between allies and enemies, healing allies and damaging enemies. His E temporarily empowers an ally, increasing their magic damage and causing their attacks to slow the target. Nami’s R creates a tidal wave that knocks down, slows, and damages opponents. If this wave hits allies, it increases their movement speed.

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