Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

In Rise of Kingdom, players will be able to select different nations and commanders from historical eras to build their own civilization. Each nation has specific perks, as well as commanders who have unique merits and demerits. The goal is to build a powerful civilization that dominates the others, and the only way to achieve this is to select the right commanders. Naturally, players are eager to know which are the best commanders to use in Rise of Kingdom. Although Commanders can be purchased with in-game transactions, we compiled the list with free players in mind.


Aethaelfaed is definitely the best legendary commander to choose for free-to-play players for several reasons. You can acquire his sculptures exclusively through expedition mode. Likewise, this character not only weakens enemies, but also deals high AoE damage. Aethaelfaed is very underrated and we recommend players level her up gradually. His Iron Arrow skill damages five targets at once while reducing their attack, health, and defense for the next two seconds!

Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca is one of the commanders who specialize in leadership and he fits perfectly into the role of main commander of any army. Armies with two or three troop types automatically get a damage boost while Hannibal Barca is at the helm. His Passive Skill Expedition also allows players to gain additional troop capacity. Hannibal Barca’s War Elephant skill is perhaps one of the most powerful in the game. This skill not only deals direct damage to targets, but also reduces the target’s damage and defense for all five seconds. following.

Ramesses II

With a base power of 4,200, Ramses II, the famous pharaoh of Egypt, ranks high on the list of top legendary commanders. On the map, Ramses II increases the attack of archery units. Likewise, if your army only has archers, skill damage taken is actively reduced. Overall, Ramses II is a versatile commander suited to ranged attacks.


Richard I

Richard I is one of the most popular commanders in the game, specializing in infantry and defense. Troops led by Richard I are very effective in counterattacks and take less damage on the battlefield. Richard I has the ability to withstand massive attacks while healing troops at the same time. His active skill Soul of the Crusaders heals a portion of wounded troops while applying a debuff to nearly five enemy troops. This debuff reduces the enemy troop’s speed and damage for the next few seconds.

Yi Seong Gye

Yi-Seong Gye may be one of the only commanders in the game strong enough to lead as the primary commander or second in command of any nation. Yi-Seong can be associated with Alexander, El Cid, Richard I, Aethaelfaed and several other high level commanders. It can inflict AoE damage over a huge range, attacking and devastating multiple opponents at the same time.

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