Best Drop Points on Al Mazrah in Modern Warfare 2

With the launch of Warzone 2, the keys to success will be the little things. That is, while gunplay and combat knowledge, like knowing how to counter riot shields, is important, it’s also important to have knowledge and strategy to back up your skills. A big part of that is map knowledge, so arming yourself with the best possible drop spots on Warzone 2’s massive new map will go a long way to big wins and tons of kills.

Best Drop Points on Al Mazrah in Warzone 2

Exchange bay

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Located on the southern coast of Al Mazrah, Sarrif Bay strikes a perfect balance between dark enough that most players won’t go there, and just far enough from the edge of the map that the circle doesn’t close in too quickly. . Plus, it’s a small town with a solid amount of loot that can be quickly scavenged before moving on to greener pastures.


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Much like Sarrif Bay, the main benefit of dropping into swamps is the lack of other players who typically drop there. Her loot is a little harder to gather because it’s more scattered, but since there are usually so few enemies, it’s still a breeze compared to more populated areas. As a bonus, it’s also very close to the middle of the map, keeping you away from the ever-encroaching circle.



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A more dangerous option than the first two areas, Hydropower is usually populated with many players. However, Hydropower is also a massive area full of loot ready to be picked up. Even if other players fall with you in Hydroelectric, as long as you’re careful while looting, you should be able to stay alive and prepared. Also, since the area is so close to the middle of the map, if you gather enough loot, you can easily stay put and wait for the circle and other players to come to you.


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Another typically populated area, the Observatory is a high-risk, high-reward location. Positioned above the rest of the map, players have a vantage point from which to observe the land and a great jumping off point to glide to a new location. There’s also plenty of loot for those who are quick and skilled enough to defeat other players who drop there.



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Located in the southeast corner of the map, the airport is another high-risk area that is usually heavily contested by players. It’s not just because one of the most popular Call of Duty maps of all time, Terminal, is located here, but also because there are two helicopters ready to be taken. Getting out of the airport in one piece is quite a challenge, but if you do, you’ll likely be fully prepared for the rest of the game.

City of Al-Mazrah

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Home to the cult classic Highrise map, the city of Al Mazrah is easily one of the most dangerous drop locations. However, it is also one of the places with the most loot and rewards waiting for players to claim them. Assuming you can make your way through this area while looting, there’s a helicopter waiting to be claimed by only the strongest shooters.

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