Best farm for apocalypse gear in Outriders Worldslayer

Best farm for apocalypse gear in Outriders Worldslayer

Outriders Worldslayer adds a new Ascension system, a new campaign, and an all-new endgame to complete. In order to clear this new content, you will need apocalypse gear. Apocalypse gear is hard to find in the game, here is the best way to farm apocalypse gear.

Trial of Tarya Gratar

The best way to get apocalypse gear is to clear the Trial of Tarya Gratar endgame gauntlet. After each successful arena, you will open a chest which will yield loot based on your current apocalypse level. However, if you are looking for specific pieces of gear, you should clear the side treasures, which are not part of the main trial path.

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These arenas will specify which piece of gear they are most likely to drop. For example, if you’re looking for boots, clearing Proving Grounds will reward Boots, giving you a higher chance of getting apocalypse-grade boots. Since there is only one treasure for each piece of equipment, after completing the arena you must abandon the trial and start over. This will allow you to complete the specific arena again, without having to spend time clearing the rest of the event.

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How to increase your apocalypse level?

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The gear level of your Apocalypse loot is directly affected by your Apocalypse Tier. You can see this in the Apocalypse Tier menu, the displayed enemy level will also indicate the level of the equipment that will drop.

How to level up Apocalypse Gear

You can level up your Apocalypse gear at the crafting table back at your base. From the crafting menu, select the gear you want to level up and choose the next level up. The cost will vary depending on the piece of gear, but it will usually cost Drop Pod resources and an Anomaly Extract. The Anomaly Extract is obtained by dismantling your unwanted apocalypse gear.

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