Best Fire Emblem Engage Tier List Characters

There are quite a few characters to choose from and recruit to your party in Fire Emblem Engage. It can get confusing or even overwhelming when trying to decide which are best for you. For this reason, we have ranked them all from best to worst! How does it line up with your own tier list?

Who are the best Fire Emblem Engage characters?

Deciding which characters are the best in a given game can be quite controversial. This is because in reality, the best characters are a subjective list. Every Fire Emblem Engage player and fan will have different opinions on who is better and why. With this in mind, we chose to consider our own gameplay, as well as the opinions of the community. Not only can characters be ranked by their own attributes, but also how they fall into the party with other characters.


Fire Emblem Engage Character Tier List

We took into account all the attributes of the characters, from their stats to their stories. Of course, their stats and complementarity with other characters was the most important consideration. Here is a ranked breakdown of all the characters you can have in your party for Fire Emblem Engage:

Personage Rang
Alear, Anna, Céline, Chloé, Ivy S
Alfred, Citrine, Etie, Diamant, Cadre, Hortensia, Kagetsu, Mauvier, Rose, Seadall, Timerra, Zelkov AND
Alcryst, Amber, Boucheron, Bunet, Clanne, Goldmary, Jade, Pencil, Louis, Merrin, Pandreo, Vander, Yunaka B
Panette, Lindon, Veyle C
jeans, sapphire era

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