Best Gifts for All Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes Characters

Best Gifts for All Fire Emblem Warriors

Raising support levels is a chore, especially in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. It’s not like your normal Fire Emblem game when two units that are side by side gain affection for each other. Arguably the “quickest” way to grind them is to fight and select a certain unit as your Warrant Officer. But the missions are long and keeping a Warrant Officer with Shez is always a waste of time, especially when they could be taking over the enemy base.

Therefore, let’s look at the next best thing: freebies!

Where to find gifts in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes

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Gifts can be earned as rewards for locations you save or missions you complete. The Item Shop will also sell a new bundle with each new chapter. So make sure to buy them before the main mission of the chapter.

Since each character naturally has preferences, they will also all react differently to gifts. Below is your ultimate guide to the best gifts for each playable character in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.


The best gifts for all Black Eagles characters

Character Loved Gifts
Edelgard Armored Bear Stuffy, Monarch Studies Book, Board Game,
Hubert Board game, Coffee beans, Fodlan’s story
Fernando Riding boots, whetstone, tea leaves
Linhardt Fishing Float, Tasty Baked Treat, Crest Designs Book
caspar Smoked meat, training weight, hunting dagger, whetstone
Bernadette Armored Bear Stuffy, Watering can, Sheet music book,
Dapper handkerchief, landscape painting, pitcher plant
Dorothy Gemstone beads, sheet music book, elegant hair clip
Petra Smoked Meat, Hunting Dagger, Exotic Spices,
Monica Hunting Dagger, Textbook of Arithmetic, Fodlan’s Story,
Book of Monarch Studies, Carnation

Best gifts for all Blue Lions characters

Character Loved Gifts
Dmitri Ceremonial Sword, Training Weights, Riding Boots,
deduct Exotic spices, floral adornment, watering can
Sylvain Board game, dapper handkerchief, landscape painting
Felix Ceremonial Sword, Smoked Meat, Training Weights,
Hunting Dagger
Ashe Exotic spices, ancient coin, violet,
Tasty baked treat, Legends of chivalry
mercedes Tasty Baked Treat, Gemstone Beads, Armored Bear Plush,
Goddess Statuette, Lavender
Anette Sheet music book, arithmetic manual, stylish hair clip
Ingrid Legends of chivalry, smoked meat, riding boots
Rodrigo Whetstone, hunting dagger, riding boots,
Blue Cheese, Smoked Meat


Best gifts for all Golden Deers characters

Character Loved Gifts
Claudius Riding Boots, Crest Design Book, Exotic Spices, Board
Lorenz Floral adornment, Tea leaves, Sheet music book,
Raphael Smoked Meat, Workout Weights, Savory Baked Treat,
Blue Cheese
Ignatz Ancient coin, landscape painting, goddess statuette,
ceremonial sword, forget-me-not
Lysithea Armored Bear Stuffy, Arithmetic Textbook, Tasty Baked Treat,
Book of Crest Designs, Lily
Marianne Stylish handkerchief, floral adornment, armored bear plush,
Lily of the Valley
hilda Gemstone beads, dapper handkerchief, sheet music book,
elegant hair clip, plush armored bear, anemone
Leonie Hunting dagger, training weight, fishing float
Holst Weight training, board game, smoked meat,
exotic spices

Best gifts for all other characters

Character Loved Gifts
Jeritza Rose, Tasty Baked Treat, Hunting Dagger,
Manuela Goddess Statuette, Sheet Music Book, Gemstone Beads,
Blue Cheese
Shamir Hunting dagger, sheet music book, exotic spices,
Coffee Beans, Sunflower
Katherine Training weights, whetstone, legends of chivalry
Blue cheese
Yuri Tasty Baked Treat, Board Game, Goddess Statuette,
Arithmetic Handbook
Balthus Ceremonial Sword, Ancient Coin, Whetstone,
Blue Cheese
constancy Tea Leaves, Book of Crest Designs, Lily of the Valley,
Handbook of Arithmetic
Walk Hunting Dagger, Smoked Meat, Exotic Spices,
Tasty Baked Treat, Coffee Beans, Pitcher Plant
Byleth Hunting Dagger, Whetstone, Training Weight,
Fishing Float, Fódlan’s Story
Jeralt Riding Boots, Whetstone, Blue Cheese,
Fishing Float, Smoked Meat
Porter Statuette of the goddess, Book of scores, The story of Fodlan
Seteth Fishing Float, Fodlan’s Story, Dapper Handkerchief
Flayn Tasty Baked Treat, Armored Bear Plush Toy, Stylish
Dapper Handkerchief Hair Clip, Myosotis

By the way, no matter who they are, they will greatly appreciate an owl feather! But we recommend that you only offer it if you have nothing else to offer.

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