Best Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark Seeds for Bedrock and Java (September 2022)

The Deep Dark is an underground biome that was officially added in Minecraft patch 1.19, The Wild Update. This biome generates below Y level 0 and is the only place the Ancient City will spawn. But Deep Dark isn’t just the ancient city, it’s a place where Skulk, Skulk Blocks, and the dreaded Warden will spawn. We’ve scoured the latest patch and found some of the most interesting and best deep seeds for the Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft.

List of Best Minecraft Deep Dark Seeds

  • Java 1.19
    • Village Abandoned Mine: 2780503816113188411
    • Snowy Depths: 9024278249556291812
    • Super Cavern : 1050893520410215606
    • Colossal Caves: -2504412706492658835
    • Taiga top: 2025393523593427816
  • Bedrock 1.19
    • Mansion atop the Deep Dark: 3018068664000894136
    • Deep Dark Lava Sea: -2701640332213719086
    • Long trip down: -3455720818401391867
    • Succulent darkness: 923703441365300422


Meilleur Minecraft Java 1.19 Deep Dark Seeds

Colossal caves

Seed: -2504412706492658835

One of the best parts of the recent cave updates is the giant caves that seem to go on forever. This one is so big you could practically descend into the Deep Dark and live here. With fresh water and more resources than you’ll ever know what to do with, this is one of the most exciting deep darks we’ve ever seen.

  • Key locations
    • Deep Dark: 183, -16, 57
    • Huge Chasm: 121, -135
    • Commune : 25, -366
    • Ruined Portal: 291, -455

Village Abandoned Mine

Seed: 2780503816113188411

The villagers must have dug too deep! A huge cave with a surface entrance goes deep into the earth, down to the Deep Dark, where the Skulk spreads indiscriminately. Overlooking the Skulk is an abandoned mineshaft. Why did the villagers risk digging so deep? Perhaps they were jealous of the neighboring village.

  • Key locations
    • Deep Dark Cave Entrance: 401, -135
    • Village 1 : 79, 104
    • Village 2 : 328, -181

snowy depths

Seed: 9024278249556291812

Almost all of Minecraft’s snow biomes are crammed into this massive frozen wasteland. Then, just as the snow ends, there are swamps, plains, jungles, and everything else you could want from update 1.19. Below is a vast Deep Dark that intersects Mine Shafts with Dripstone Caves. All in all, it’s a great world to explore.

  • Key locations
    • Deep Dark: 69, -37, 163
    • Mine shafts: 18, 51, 183
    • Ruined Portal: 77, 263
    • Snow Village: 346, 284

Super Cavern

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

Seed: 1050893520410215606

Beneath the ancient pine taiga hides a huge super cavern with several cave biomes. There’s dripstone, hanging mine shafts, geodes, and lush caves. And down below, of course, is the Deep Dark, with Skulk and Warden. The Super Cavern could be the perfect place to start your underground base or the most dangerous place you’ve ever visited.

  • Key locations
    • Deep Dark: 440, -36, -622
    • Mineshaft: 452, 8, -638
    • Old Pine Taiga: 401, -821
    • Woodland Village: 122, -872
    • Ruined Portal: 294, -1053

Taiga Tops

Seed: 2025393523593427816

A snowy desert with ice spikes, a tundra village and snow as far as the eye can see. But that’s just the starting point. Below you will find some of the most intense Deep Dark caverns you can find. A trio of huge caves just waiting to be discovered. Never has the advice “Don’t dig straight” been so precise!

  • Key locations
    • Village + Ruined Portal XL: 128, 170
    • Ice Spikes Biome + Village 2: 517, 290
    • Plains Village with incredible panoramic view: 710, -244

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Best Minecraft Bedrock 1.19 Deep Dark Seeds

luscious darkness

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

Seed: 923703441365300422

A lush cave pours into the darkest and deepest part of the world, threatening to turn gray to green! A series of lush caves connect to the large cavern making up the Deep Dark in this seed. On the surface? More trees than you’ll ever know what to do with as a black oak forest and a birch forest biome intersect. Looks like it’s time to build a forest retreat connected to the dark underground!

Deep Dark: -115, -15, -105
Lush Cave: -107, 10, -75
Villages: -345, -394
Ruined Portal: 155, 318

Mansion on top of the Deep Dark

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

Seed: 3018068664000894136

The Illagers may know exactly what’s under the Woodland Mansion. And if not, they better know soon! The Deep Dark sits just below a huge mine and a lush cave. Once this cavern opens in deep darkness, the ancient city is nearby. Above ground there are plenty of spruce forests and other features to provide you for underground exploration.

  • Key locations
    • Deep Dark: 525, -30, -658
    • Village at the top of the mountain: 653, -341
    • Village 2 : 399, -321
    • Ruined Portal: 658, -252
    • Woodland Manor: 247, -839

Deep Dark Lava Sea

Seed: -2701640332213719086

Starting off on a deserted island, this spawn is really sink or swim at first. But, once you arrive on the mainland, you can investigate the Deep Dark. This crosses an immense sea of ​​lava, which makes it doubly perilous. That said, if you’re brave enough to take the risk, you can discover the ancient city and claim the loot.

  • Key locations
    • Deep Dark: 113, -30, 1001
    • Ruined Portal: 353, 802
    • Tour Illager : 421, 1459
    • Village 1 : 239, 1714
    • Village 2 : 97, 1270

Long trip down

Seed: -3455720818401391867

In this fascinating spawn, you’ll find that several villages, illager towers, and other items all spawn within a stone’s throw of your first starting position. Once you’ve started exploring underground, there’s only one way to go. Descending through a winding dripstone cave, you’ll discover the sprawling Deep Dark nearby, opening up to a huge ancient city.

  • Key locations
    • Deep Dark Input: 12, 67, 82
    • Ancient City: -648, -712
    • Ruined Portal: 259, -4
    • Village : 326. 223

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