Best Minecraft Earth Servers (2022)

Best Minecraft Earth Servers (2022)

Earth Survival is one of the most popular Survival Multiplayer (SMP) game types in Minecraft, as it puts you in a scaled version of the real world. Most of the time, the game’s systems will allow you to claim land and live out your dream of conquering the world in a different way, on a Minecraft-scale map. Here is our list of the best Minecraft Earth servers.


Best Minecraft Earth Servers (2022)

Image via EarthMC

Earth MC is perhaps the first and original Earth SMP experience, and uses a city and nation system allowing you to build empires and battle opposing players. It’s honestly one of the craziest servers you’ll find, and it has to be experienced to be believed.

Nation’s Glory

Nation's GloryImage via Glory of the Nation

A PvP-based Earth server experience, Nation’s Glory is definitely where you should head if you want combat and role-playing in addition to your Earth SMP experience. Form nations, engage in diplomacy, or go to war in this immersive Minecraft experience

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MelonSMPImage via Melon SMP

A welcoming and active community, MelonSMP offers a more relaxed map of the Earth than some of the more hardcore options you’ll find there. A great way to experience all the fun of Earth SMP without the constant wars and claim contests you might find on more combat-focused servers.

Kiwi College

Kiwi CollegeImage via KiwiSMP

Another great server for a relaxed atmosphere, Kiwi SMP offers an Earth Survival map which is perhaps overshadowed by the weekly Discord community events. Still, it’s a classic Minecraft Earth experience that you’re sure to enjoy if you try it.


CraftYourTownImage via CraftYourTown

CraftYourTown is a Towny Earth server that uses the Towny ruleset and the Earth map. It is a more structured earthly experience with applications and lots of guidelines. But it does mean you’ll be protected from some of the wild aspects of Earth SMP, such as heartbreak and unexpected attacks.

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