Best OneBlock Minecraft Servers (2022)

Best OneBlock Minecraft Servers (2022)

OneBlock is a unique survival game mode that lets you start with a single block floating in the air. Destroying the block spawns another type of block, along with animals, mobs, and other resources. Eventually, you’ll progress enough to enjoy all that Minecraft has to offer. But downloading and installing the mod for this map can be a pain, and finding a server is much easier. Here is our list of the best OneBlock Minecraft servers.


Best OneBlock Minecraft Servers (2022)

Image via OneBlock™

Traditional OneBlock with a few twists to spice things up, OneBlock MC is one of the simplest OneBlock multiplayer game modes. It’s as easy as entering the IP address and playing, with instant downloads and quick access. OneBlock MC also has several areas of play, ranging from hardcore to casual.


Ultimis™Image via Ultimis™

OneBlock, a cross-platform and crack-compatible Minecraft server, was recently added to UltimisMC. A relaxed and friendly server environment, Ultimis welcomes you whatever your playstyle: PvPers, SMP enthusiasts and, of course, OneBlock connoisseurs.



Hylex™Image via Hylex™

Another cracked Minecraft server network, Hylex has many traditional game modes, such as BedWars, Duels, and Lifesteal, but also recently added OneBlock. The server also supports Bedrock, but it’s unclear if the site supports OneBlock on that platform at this time.

Data block

Data blockImage via DatBlock

Datblock is still on 1.17 for OneBlock, but since the game mode hasn’t been officially updated since that patch, it’s still the traditional OneBlock experience you’ve come to expect. It’s definitely one of the purest OneBlock game modes out there, and if you’re looking for something vanilla with just the usual 12-step progression, fire up DatBlock.

MineMalia Network

MineMalia NetworkImage via MineMalia

MineMalia Network has included OneBlock in its wide range of game modes. Additionally, the server is fully updated to 1.19, so you can experience OneBlock with some of the new wrinkles that change the way it is played thanks to the update. Wild day.

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