Best Reality Augments in Fortnite

In Chapter Four, Epic Games added a new mechanic to Fortnite called Reality Augments. In short, Reality Augments are buffs that are randomly gained during a match. The effects of these buffs vary greatly, but they are all perks that will come in handy in their own way during the match. Despite this, there are definitely some increases above the rest.

Five best reality augments in Fortnite

  • Bloodhound: The Bloodhound Augment causes hits with a sniper rifle or bow to mark the target for a short time. Considering the prevalence and power of the DMR sniper rifle in Fortnite, this increase is a game changer.
  • Forecast: Extremely simple and extremely effective, the Forecast Augment allows you to see the next storm circle, allowing you to plan your next moves based on information your opponents almost certainly lack.
  • Splash Medic: Shields are an invaluable resource in Fortnite, and having as many shield giving items as possible is a huge benefit. So Splash Medic, a boost that increases the speed at which you find Chug Splashes in containers, is a massive boon.
  • More Parkour: Using the hurdle and mantling mechanics was already a benefit due to their speed and efficiency, but the More Parkour Augment restores energy when you run them, giving the ability to indefinite rapid movement towards or away from opponents.
  • Soaring Sprints: Finally, Soaring Sprints is another Augment move that, while it doesn’t refund energy, holds its own incredibly powerful perk. This increase allows you to jump higher than normal and with reduced gravity, allowing you to hover in the air. This augmentation is extremely scalable and, in expert hands, has countless uses.


All reality augmentations in Fortnite

While there is definitely a top five that stands out from other Reality Augments, knowing all of the Augments and their functions is extremely useful even when you’re not offered one of the most powerful options, as each can be useful. and increase your chances of winning. a match. With that in mind, here are the other 17 reality augments in Fortnite.

  • Acrobat: This augmentation allows you to redeploy your glider at any time for the rest of the match, making it easier to move around and allowing you to reach far areas if you jump from a high point.
  • Bow Specialist: This augmentation is every bow player’s dream, as it speeds up bow drawing and reloading and regenerates arrows over time.
  • Bush Warrior: A big fan of stealth and nature? Try Bush Warrior, a boost that regenerates all health and some shields over time while standing in tall foliage.
  • Chug Gunner: This boost immediately turns you into a walking doctor by giving you a Chug Cannon. Picking the best in group matches will allow you to rain healing down on your allies.
  • Demolition Ammo: A kind of Grenade Building Augment, Demolition Ammo drops explosives from destroying structures that players haven’t created. This makes material farming all the more interesting, as you will get materials and weapons at the same time.
  • First Assault: For the deadly accurate player on your team, this boost gives the first round of an Assault Rifle Magazine extra damage if it hits its target.\
  • Jelly Angler: A weird but useful augment, Jelly Angler gives you a fishing rod and lets you fish in any water, but you can only catch jellyfish. The jellyfish itself heals 20 health, but notably also heals nearby teammates by the same amount.
  • Light Fingers: This augment allows you to reload faster if you have a light ammo weapon in your hands. While not a flashy boost, it can be a split second’s difference in close combat.
  • Mechanical Archer: Speaking of a bow user’s dream, the Mechanical Archer gives you both a Mechanical Explosive Bow and a Mechanical Shockwave Bow, allowing you to rain down fire and lightning on enemies .
  • Party Time: A fun and effective augment, Party Time gives you balloons over time. This makes it a pretty effective augment for moving around the map over short distances.
  • Pistol Amp: This increase gives all pistols an increased magazine size. It’s not a huge game-changer, but it certainly increases the effectiveness of your trusty sidearm.
  • Rifle Recycle: For those who prefer medium ammo weapons in Fortnite, Rifle Recycle gives each bullet a chance not to be consumed when fired, effectively increasing your ammo as well as your magazine size.
  • Rushing Reload: If you have a shotgun, you were probably already running and shooting anyway, so Rushing Reload is the perfect augment for you. This boost causes you to slowly generate shotgun shells while sprinting, so keep moving.
  • Storm Mark: A boost that increases your awareness, Storm Mark allows you to ping the new Storm area as it spawns, and it will reveal nearby enemies to you.
  • Supercharged: Are you the team member who sprints to the nearest vehicle every match? If so, Supercharged causes vehicles to run out of fuel and increases their health, so be sure to grab that boost if you see it.
  • Tactical Armory: If you’re short on good guns, grab this upgrade, as the Tactical Armory gives you a rare Tactical Assault Rifle and Combat Shotgun to get you back in the game right away.
  • Tricked Out: Another upgrade for vehicle enthusiasts, Tricked Out automatically equips Chonkers and a Cow Catcher on any car or truck you enter.


How to Enable Reality Augmentations in Fortnite

During a Fortnite match, you will be rewarded with Reality Boosts. These will appear as a notification below your on-screen minimap. These boosts do not trigger on their own and must be activated manually, so make sure you find a safe area to walk through and activate them.

When you open an augment, the game will give you two options to choose from and let you choose which augment you want to use. In addition, you can reroll the proposed increases. Each match, you are entitled to one free raise and must pay 100 gold bars for each subsequent raise after the free raise. Finally, note that you can only apply four boosts at a time, so keep that in mind when making choices between boosts.

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