Best Slowbro build for Cinderace Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple

For Tera Raids in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple, preparing for the task at hand is critical to success. Unlike the base game, which can be a breeze for Pokémon veterans, Tera Raids offers a great challenge for many, along with great rewards. The Cinderace Tera Raid is certainly no exception, with rewards to reap as well as a Cinderace to catch. Along with knowing Cinderace’s weaknesses, bringing a powerful Pokemon to the Tera Raid will help set you up for success.

Best Slowbro build for Cinderace Tera Raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Purple

Many trainers believe that Slowbro is one of the best choices for the job. Being an easy-to-find and very large Water-type Pokémon, Slowbro already has a super effective advantage over the Fire-type Cinderella. However, Slowbro has many other advantages over Cinderace in this fight. For example, Slowbro has a good HP stat and great defense and special attack stats. Considering Cinderace is at his best on physical offense, high HP and defense will make Slowbro a natural counter. So the best version of Slowbro will have all the tools he can get to make him bulkier against Cinderace’s punishing blows.

  • Nature: First of all, the two best natures that Slowbro can have in this fight are bold or modest natures. The Bold nature increases a Pokémon’s Defense while reducing its Attack. The attack loss is inconsequential for a Slowbro, who still uses special attacks, but the defense boost is invaluable. Conversely, Modest increases Special Attack while lowering Attack, and is great for the same reason as Bold but focuses more on Attack.
  • Ability: For this Tera Raid, there is no better ability for Slowbro. Cinderace doesn’t have a move or ability that will require Own Tempo or Oblivious and Regenerator doesn’t work in Tera Raids, so any ability will be fine here.
  • Moves:
    • Slack Off: This move will be a staple for this fight as it heals Slowbro. Combined with his tankiness, this move will allow Slowbro to keep taking hits for as long as possible.
    • Iron Defense: A move that increases the user’s defense by two stages, this will make Slowbro even more tanky with each use, eventually causing Cinderace to kick like a wet noodle.
    • Villainous Intrigue: A move that increases Special Attack by two stages will cause Slowbro to begin firing back for massive damage.
    • Stored Power: Stored Power leverages your previous stat increases. Stored Power gains power with stat increases, so after using Iron Defense and Nasty Plot, Slowbro’s Stored Power will hit like a truck.


  • Effort Values: The best EV split for Slowbro in this fight will be 252 EV in HP, 252 EV in Defense, and the remaining 6 EV in Special Attack. Don’t worry about dealing limited damage, because once you start stacking stat increases, the stored power will be more than enough to take out a few pieces of Cinderace.
  • Lending Item: You can use one of two ways with the Lending Item of your choice. On the one hand, Life Orb is a great choice for increasing damage, especially with your Slack Off waiting to heal everything. On the other hand, Leftovers are still a great choice for high HP defensive Pokemon due to the amount of HP restored over long battles. Pick your favorite, but be sure to play around Life Orb’s HP loss if you choose.
  • Tera Type: By far the best Tera type for Slowbro in this fight is Psychic. Not only will this type increase the damage that Stored Power will deal, but it will also ensure that Slowbro takes either half damage or neutral damage from Cinderella’s attacks, since Cinderella transforms into a Fighting-type Pokemon.

Note that Cinderace will randomly reset all Pokemon stats to their default levels in battle, which means Iron Defense and Nasty Plot will eventually reset. This build is designed to patiently minify Cinderace, so it won’t be a problem as long as you start rebuilding your stats immediately after it’s removed. Always prioritize Iron Defense first to ensure Slowbro takes less damage.

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