Best troop builds and training tips for State of Survival

Best troop builds and training tips for State of Survival

State of Survival is a post-apocalyptic zombie action game with strategic elements and a bit of gacha mechanics. So have fun exploring this Walking Dead lookalike (they even had WD’s Darrel as an in-game hero!) but be prepared for some tough challenges. To help you succeed in the undead-infested world, we’ve got the best troop formations and training tips for State of Survival.

In SoS you have to rely not only on your heroes like Maddie, Sarge or Ghost, but also on your soldiers. They have different characteristics, so building the best troop formation is essential in State of Survival. Here are the types of troops that will fight for you:

  • Riders – Former members of motorcycle gangs, they are now the cavalry of this new world.
  • Hunters: Ranged fighters who use bows and snipers.
  • Infantry – They take to the front lines and engage the undead at point-blank range.

Best Troop Formations in State of Survival

Your success depends on troop formations, as they do all the dirty work. Each troop has health, defense, attack, and lethality stats. Depending on the enemies you face, your formations will be different. Here are some of the best troop formations in State of Survival.

The best all-purpose troop formation in State of Survival

This troop formation can handle most challenges as it has an exceptional balance between attack and defense. You will use this suit for most regular battles against zombies or other humans. But you may encounter difficulties in the later stages of the game where you have to modify the list a bit.

  • 30% of runners
  • 40% infantry
  • 30% Hunters.


Best Offensive Troop Formation in State of Survival

If you want to inflict as much damage as possible, be prepared to take risks. In this formation of offensive troops, you will use more hunters, typical unit types of glass cannons. Here, you’re betting on their raw combat power against enemies’ ability to withstand anything you throw at them.

If you succeed, you’ll end the fight quickly, but if they get close, your troops are toast. To avoid this, place more infantry to keep enemies at bay. Also, the best way to use this formation is when you have higher level hunters so they can destroy enemies faster.

  • 20% of runners
  • 50% of hunters
  • 30% infantry

Best Defensive Troop Formation in State of Survival

Sometimes you just need to survive waves of enemies, and for that you need lots of units with lots of health. This troop formation can be effective if your hero is strong and can effectively compensate for the lack of firepower.

  • 30% of runners
  • 20% of hunters
  • 50% infantry

State of Survival Training Tips

When zombies come knocking, you want your best troops to answer the call. For this reason, try to have as many higher rank soldiers as possible. Depending on your playstyle, focus on fighter infantry. These veteran troops will make a difference in battle, so keep them alive.

In the later stages of the game you will have the opportunity to improve the troops without training. But until then, the best survival state training advice is to try and train the highest level unit quickly. More will come, but these elite units will trump all others in battle, so keep them alive!

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