Best way to farm Spectral Pages in Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

Maybe you are passionate about Destiny’s story. Maybe you’re more of a finalist. It is possible that you simply like the parchment. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help you farm Spectral Pages in Destiny 2. These items can be crafted into Manifested Pages, which unlock lore entries in the Archive. They are extremely valuable during the annual Festival of the Lost event. Here’s our guide on how to farm Spectral Pages in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost.

Best Spectral Page Farm for Festival of the Lost in Destiny 2

Normal and Heroic Public Events

Public Events are one of the fastest ways to farm Spectral Pages. They require no grinding and can be found on all planetary destinations. Completing these activities rewards you with two to three Spectral Pages and can be easily binged by jumping from planet to planet. These events can also be completed solo and are not extremely difficult.

Shadow Lake Strike

Completing a Vanguard strike rewards you with three Spectral Pages, so the most efficient way to farm these is to repeat the fastest strike. Lake of Shadows, located on the east side of the EDZ, has a reputation for taking the least amount of time to complete. If you know the strike path, you can speed up Lake of Shadows in four minutes or less. If repeated for an hour, you can earn a total of 45 Spectral Pages. Ultimately, this is the fastest way to earn those pages.


Nightfall hits with friends

If you have two friends available, Nightfall Strikes are challenging activities that award five Spectral Pages with each run. While not the statistically fastest way to get Spectral Pages, it’s a nice break from Lake of Shadows speedrun for the fifth time. Nightfall strikes are far from mindless activities, as they require careful strategy and positioning. They are also timed, requiring cooperation and helpfulness from every member of the team.

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