BitLife – How to Complete the Good Cop, Bad Cop Challenge

Completing the Good Cop, Bad Cop BitLife challenge is easy once you know how to complete each objective. Start by creating the character of your choice, then follow the steps below.

All Good Cop, Bad Cop challenge objectives in BitLife

To complete the Good Cop, Bad Cop challenge in BitLife, players must complete the following main objectives.

How to become a policeman in BitLife

The first objective of the Good Cop, Bad Cop challenge is to become a police officer. Unlike other popular career choices, a high school diploma is more than enough for a cop. Nevertheless, we recommend that you complete a university degree in any major to increase your chances. In addition to your diplomas, you must also be athletic and fit to become a cop. So go to a gym, eat healthy and play any sport from an early age with your qualifications.


Once you are out of school or college, visit the jobs section and search for a job titled “Police Cadet”. Apply for the job and land the interview. If you can’t find such a message, get older and refresh the list. After joining, you become a cop.

How to give gifts to more than ten colleagues in BitLife

The second task of the challenge is to offer more than ten colleagues from your office circle. After joining as a cop, visit the co-worker’s section under the job section. Select any colleague and use the Gift option. Choose any gift and present it. Repeat this with ten other employees to complete the second objective.

How to have more than three dependencies in BitLife

The third quest in the challenge is to have more than three dependencies. For this, you must regularly go to clubs and casinos/horse races. Clubbing will get you addicted to alcohol or drugs, while casinos/horse racing will get you addicted to gambling. You can visit all of these places from the Activities tab.


How to Take Your Family on More Than Three Cruise Voyages in BitLife

The penultimate quest in the Good Cop, Bad Cop challenge involves taking more than three family cruises. Use the Cruise option in the Vacations section of the Activities tab to go on vacation. You can take any family member like your mother, father, siblings, kids and partners to complete the quest.

How to murder your supervisor in a drive-by in BitLife

The end goal of the Good Cop, Bad Cop challenge is to assassinate your boss. To do this, use the Murder option in the Crime section of the Activities tab. While killing, be sure to select the Drive-by option as the method of killing. After the kill, the challenge will be over.

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