Blue Blazing Blade of the Lost Ark Quest Guide

In Lost Ark, Blue Blazing Blade is one of the most tedious quests you can start. It’s not because it’s hard. It’s because it’s incredibly long. The whole quest hinges on you meeting Kadan on the island of Isteri. If you go there without meeting all the prerequisites, you will notice that he is not there.

It all starts with the quest titled Destiny’s Whisper. You acquire this quest once you complete the world quest titled Will in Kalaja on the continent of Feiton. This means that you must be at least 960 item level before continuing. Destiny’s Whisper can be given by a bird named Sebastian just outside Vern Castle in North Vern. Once you have started Destiny’s Whisper, you will be involved in a series of quests listed below in order:

  • The shadow of the sun
  • Silver Haired Guardian Slayer
  • The name of Navinos
  • One night, two stories
  • knights and books
  • The Illusion of the Island
  • Just friends?
  • Good times
  • In search of a legend
  • South Sea Island
  • An adventure with Cindy
  • Sidereal Island

Once you have completed these quests, you will then be able to start Blue Blazing Blade.

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How to complete the Blue Blazing Blade quest in Lost Ark

As mentioned earlier, you can start the quest by talking to Kadan on Isteri. It will be located in the area below which is circled in red.

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

After speaking with him, Kadan will open a Chaos Gate which will unleash enemies and destroy the entire island. You will then be asked to follow him to the village in the center of the island to help the villagers. A fight will then be triggered with a Chaos Keeper named Deskaludo that Kadan will help you defeat by unleashing the awesome power of his sword, Navinos.

Once the chaos is over, you will be tasked with searching for survivors among the rubble. Among these survivors is a girl named Cindy with whom Kadan maintains a close friendship. A short cutscene will appear in which the Chaos Keeper is resurrected by Armen as Kharmine looks on. You will then be instructed to travel to Whispering Islet.

Upon arrival, you will speak with Shandi and Nineveh at the end of the island, circled in red below:

Screenshot by astucejeuxps4

Once all of the above is completed, you will have found Kadan and completed the Blue Blazing Blade quest.

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