Children of Silentown Chapter 3 Walkthrough – The Investigation

If you’re looking for a bit of Tim Burton in your next point-and-click RPG, look no further than Children of Silentown. This charming and beautifully drawn puzzle has all its hallmarks, being darkly playful and comical while never losing its melancholy and sinister overtones. At the end of the second chapter of the game, your mother disappears, so something must be done to find her. Below is our walkthrough of Chapter Three of Children of Silentown, as you begin your investigation.

How to make Miss Olivier’s tea

After Miss Olivia asks you to make some tea, grab some cookies from the table then go to the spice cabinet under the stairs. Complete the three puzzles (above) to get the tea leaves, then grab the pot from the wall and use it on the water catcher in the lower right corner of the room and put the pot on the fire.

Once hot, add the tea to the teapot and give it to Miss Olivia. She still won’t talk, so use Song of the Children on her. Once you complete the puzzle (above), she will tell you the story of her and your mother when they were young, and your investigation can begin.


You have to walk around the city talking to people to collect clues. The clues themselves are not important for the puzzles, but you must find all 10 to complete your investigation. Exit the house in the town square and head towards the bakery. Silver is on guard outside and won’t let you pass. If you use the Children’s Song on Silver, he’ll tell you that if you find his missing gift, he’ll let you through. Talk to him some more to find out that the gift is a bakery paddle.

How to Learn Mom’s Song

Talk to the old lady by the river south of the square to get a clue, then use the Children’s Song on her to get another one. Now head to the area behind the barn and grab the rake which is leaning against the back wall. Talk to the crazy old lady here, who will complete Mom’s song.

This opens up a way to acquire memories of inanimate objects by singing to them, which revives nearby people’s memories of something from their past. Use Mom’s Song on the hopscotch numbers next to the crazy old lady to witness a vision of two girls playing. Go back to the town square, but on the way, jump out the window into the barn. You will see a bag moving on the top shelf. Use Mom’s Song on the moving bag and complete the puzzle to reveal Blue’s hideout, then talk to him.

How to open the toolbox

Head east into the farmer’s field and talk to the farmer for a clue. Search the hives for a rusty key. Go back to the barn and use the rusty key to open the toolbox to get a hook and a hammer. Go back to the farmer’s field and use the hammer on the hutches to free them. This forces the farmer to leave as he chases the rabbits, allowing you to search the rest of the field in peace.

Enter the field and examine the scarecrow to get the bakery peels gift you were looking for. Go back to where Silver is on guard outside the bakery and give the skin to Silver. He will now allow you to walk past him at any time, so head to the end of the western alley and talk to Raven for your next clue. Red and Black are racing animals against each other. An initial conversation with them won’t do much good, but if you then beat both Red and Black in an animal race, you’ll get a clue from each. Black will also offer to talk to Blue again in the barn, which will give you your next clue.

How to Free the Carpenter’s Dog

Return to the carpenter’s workshop and use Mom’s Song on the carpenter’s hat which is on the ground next to his dog (puzzle above). It seems that the dog wants to be freed to find the carpenter. If you now go back behind the barn, you will find that the old woman is gone, which means you can take the crate she was sitting on.

Go to the farmer’s field and use the crate on the cherry tree to get a branch full of cherries. Take the branch and go talk to your best friend Sunny in the town square. She has the shears you need to cut the string and free the carpenter’s dog, but has to find something to trick her mother into, she doesn’t slack off after giving them to you. Give her the rake so she can pick up leaves and she’ll trade them for her shears. Return to the carpenter’s workshop and free the dog by cutting the rope with the shears. As the dog walks away, pick up the rope you just cut.

How to enter Miss Olivia’s garden

Go back to the town square and talk to Sunny about the strange guy south of the square. Now go back and talk to him. He will tell you a bit about gardening, after which you can sing your songs near him. Use Song of the Children on the weird guy and fix his thoughts (above). You will discover that her favorite flower is the cobalt colored Thibescus.

Combine the rope and the hook in your inventory to create a grappling hook. Leave the square to the south past the old lady and then use the grappling hook on the wall of Miss Olivia’s garden. Once inside, grab the blue Thibescus flower from the flowerpot near the bottom and take it to the strange guy in the square. After hearing his story, use Mom’s Song on the plant once he puts it on the table. After completing the puzzle (above), he’ll tell you about his lost sister, which contains another clue. And with that, you’ll have the last proof you need.

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