Comment obtenir le badge The Hidden Christmas Wish dans Gas Station Simulator – Roblox

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to run your own gas station or work there with 13 of your friends? Well, you’re in luck! Gas Station Simulator lets players experience life in the rural southwest and learn everything it takes to run a business. Along the way, you might even be able to find a handful of hidden badges, including the one we’ll talk about in this brief guide, The Hidden Christmas Wish badge.

Comment gagner le badge The Hidden Christmas Wish dans Gas Station Simulator

To unlock The Hidden Christmas Wish, players must find the secret text that is above the awning above the gas pumps. To reach this awning, look for the ladder that leads to the roof of the gas station and climb on it.

Once you get to the roof position yourself so you can sprint and jump from the roof to the awning. It may take a few tries to make the leap.

From the location shown above, walk straight to the edge of the awning. Written on the roof in front of you should be the phrase “this Christmas I just wish to be happy”. This is the secret text we are looking for.

As soon as you approach this text, you should receive The Hidden Christmas Wish badge. That’s all we can say about it!

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