Cult of the Lamb Abilities Tier List – all abilities are ranked

There’s no shortage of upgrade opportunities in Cult of the Lamb. From curses to crown upgrades, there are a bunch of choices to make that will ultimately impact your gameplay experience. Below are some of our favorite abilities you can unlock in-game.

Best Lamb Worship Rituals

Bounty of the Ocean Ritual

Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty makes rare fish more accessible and also doubles the amount of fish available to catch for three days. While that may not seem like much, it’s one of the best Rituals to unlock because, unlike Ritual of the Harvest, the effects of the Ocean’s Bounty Ritual can’t be mimicked by Commune upgrades.

Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty can be found as a Tier III upgrade in the Subsistence category.


Compared to the resurrection ritual, which costs 150 bones and drops the herd’s faith by 10, funerals are the way to go. This ritual allows you to hold ceremonial services for deceased members. Living cultists can then mourn at the grave to generate devotion.

If your followers believe in sacrifice or the afterlife, this is a ritual that fits in well to generate strengthened faith.



Feasting maximizes the commune’s hunger meter and also provides a Faith boost. Whether your commune has been starved to death or you just haven’t been there long enough to make grass porridge, feasting is an easy ritual that will ease your hunger pangs and help your followers feel better. better in your leadership.

Best Crown Upgrades in Cult of the Lamb

darkness in

When you have the first opportunity to choose a crown upgrade, go for Darkness Within as it will give you a sick heart at the start of each crusade. These are very useful as they cause all enemies on screen to lose health each time they take damage.


Once you have a diseased heart, it’s a good idea to unlock omnipresence. This upgrade gives you the ability to focus and return to the commune at any time during a Crusade, which will come in handy when the Old Gods begin to inflict disease and starvation on your cult members. Later, you’ll also need to return to the Crusades to farm materials, which makes the easy escape especially enjoyable.

The best curses of the cult of the lamb

divine guardian

Divine Guardian is hands down the best curse in the game. When used, it grants you two seconds of invincibility and reflects any projectiles reflected back at your enemy. It’s great for those times when you’re overwhelmed by flamethrowers and just need a second to get by.


Four tentacles spring from the lamb in the shape of a cross, need we say more?

Unlike Touch of Turua or Passage of the Mariner, you don’t really need to care which direction you’re facing when activating this curse, as the multi-directional tentacles will take out anything within range.


Fate Hounds

This curse sends out homing projectiles that will always hit your enemies. If you’re a player who has trouble aiming or frequently loses the lamb amid the horde of enemies, Hounds of Fate is a great curse to get you out of sticky situations.

Divine Blizzard

Similar to Divine Guardian, Divine Blizzard is a great curse if you just need a little extra time. Not only does this curse keep enemies away from you, it also freezes them so you can have the upper hand.

Crown Oath

Crown Oath is a melee attack that can possess enemies who are affected by the Curse. Use possession to your advantage and you can easily take out entire rooms of enemies.

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