Dark and Darker: How to Heal

Each encounter with an enemy in Dark and Darker results in a loss of HP. There aren’t many ways to restore health in the game, so knowing how to heal is essential.

Our guide will give you tips on how to heal in Dark and Darker, including all working methods.

How to heal in Dark and Darker

Use Consumables and Health Shrines

The most common way to heal yourself in Dark and Darker is by consuming potions and healing bandages.

There are eight rarities of consumables in the game, where each rarity gives you a better effect. Here is the breakdown of their healing effects:

  • Healing potion:
    • Cracked (11 HP)
    • Defective (15 HP)
    • Normal (19 HP)
    • Very good (23 HP)
    • Exquisite (27 HP)
    • Perfect (31 HP)
    • Legendary (42 HP)
    • Single (50 HP)
  • Bandages:
    • Cracked (8 HP)
    • Defective (10 HP)
    • Normal (15 HP)
    • Good (20 hp)
    • Exquisite (25 CV)
    • Perfect (30 HP)
    • Legendary (35 HP)
    • Single (40 HP)

You can buy healing potions from an alchemist and bandages from the surgeon.

Players who run out of healing consumables can restore 100% of their HP by interacting with the Sanctuary of Health that spawns inside a dungeon.

Finally, players can build a Campfire in order to restore some of your lost HP using the Campfire Kit, which can be purchased from a Gunsmith.

Use class abilities to heal

The most important class for healing yourself and others is Cleric. One of the Cleric’s perks is Kindness, which restores 15% of their own HP while healing another target. In order to heal others, Cleric can use the level 5 Holy Light spell, which heals an ally for 30 HP.

Barbarian’s Morale Boost perk restores 10% of his HP after killing an enemy. His Endurance perk also increases his own HP pool by 10%. Finally, his War Cry skill increases his own HP pool and that of his allies by 25%.

The Fighter class has two skills that restore HP: Second Wind and Victory Strike. The former recovers 50% of your HP, while the latter restores 5% if you’ve killed an enemy.

Ranger is the last class, which can heal itself using the Field Ration skill. In this case you have to search for food, thus restoring 25 HP.

That’s all you need to know about how to heal in Dark and Darker, and stay tuned for more Dark and Darker guides.