Destiny 2 – Best Hand Cannons For PvP

Hand Cannons are often among the most popular weapons used by players for Crucible Battles in Destiny 2. While not always the most effective weapons for taking down hordes of enemies in PvE, they are extremely viable in PvP combat due to their high damage potential. . There are tons of hand cannons to choose from, and each comes with varying stats. However, there are a few highly coveted ones that maintain their position at the top of the hand cannon food chain due to their large perk pools. Here are the best hand cannons to use for PvP in Destiny 2.


RPM: 140

How to get: Greed’s Grasp Dungeon

The Eyasluna is a fan favorite from Destiny 1, which was introduced in Destiny 2 to celebrate Bungie’s 30th anniversary. It’s relatively easy to get this weapon by completing the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, and it comes with incredibly high base stats. Although it rides with sights instead of barrels, the Eyasluna can gain significant range and stability upgrades through perks like rangefinder, moving target, heating, and instant sights.

Fatebringer (Timelost)

RPM: 140

How to get: Raid Challenge in Vault of Glass

The Fatebringer is one of the best hand cannons for PvP, thanks to its impressive base stats and perk pool. It can roll with the Explosive Payload perk, which causes targets to take bonus damage, flinch, and passively increase range. Since it is a Timelost weapon, it can also be equipped with Adept Mods to further increase its already high stats. When combined with perks like Opening Shot or Eye of the Storm, the Fatebringer can become a heavy weapon with great accuracy even at long ranges.



RPM: 140

How to Get: Legendary Engrams or Faction Ranking Packs

The Cantata-57 is a SUROS Foundry weapon and comes with the original SUROS Synergy trait which grants the weapon bonus handling stats and flinch reduction for a short time after reloading. At base stats, the Cantata already boasts a high range, which can be greatly increased with perks like Accurate Turns and Range Finder. If an aggressive approach to combat is more your style, perks like Rapid Hit or Eye of the Storm will work to improve maneuverability, accuracy, and reload speed.

exalted truth

RPM: 140

How to get it: Complete challenges in Trials of Osiris

The Exalted Truth is a hand cannon beast that has great stats for impact, range, and stability. If you’re skilled enough, you might even find yourself an Adept version of this weapon by performing Flawless in Trials of Osiris Lighthouse. Additionally, it rolls with three original traits with every copy: SUROS Synergy, Alacrity, and One Quiet Movement. For PvP, the most ideal choice would be SUROS Synergy, as it grants bonus handling and flinch resistance after reloading. As for perks, it can roll with rangefinder on the first column, as well as perks on the second column like Kill Clip and Eye of the Storm that increase weapon damage or handling.


Ace of Spades

RPM: 140

How to get: Tower Exotic Archive

The infamous Ace of Spades is a hand cannon familiar to Crucible veterans and most Destiny 2 players who played during the Forsaken expansion. This deadly hand cannon served as Cayde-6’s signature weapon and comes with the exotic perk Memento Mori. With Memento Mori, each time you reload your weapon after a kill, you load the weapon with six bullets that deal bonus damage. This effect can be refreshed and repeated when reloading after killing. Additionally, it comes with the legendary Firefly perk, which grants reload speed after precision killing and blasting targets, dealing Solar damage in an AoE.


RPM: 140

How to get it: Opulent chests on the Derelict Leviathan

The Austringer is a hand cannon that was introduced in Haunted Season and has been an ever-present nightmare in the Crucible ever since. Other than the Cantata-57, the Austringer is the only other hand cannon in the game that can roll with the deadly combination of perks like Eye of the Storm and Opening Shot. If maximizing your range is your priority, consider replacing the opening shot with the rangefinder. However, what sets the Austringer apart is the fact that it is a craftable menagerie weapon. This means players can customize their perks to get their ideal godroll.

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