Destiny 2 character deletion bug explained and fixed

One of the most insane bugs to hit the Destiny 2 community is upon us and it directly deletes character data. This means that players have been forced to start from scratch. This instilled a widespread fear of powering up the game only to find that all information has been erased from existence. However, whenever there is a bug, there is usually some kind of fix. So we searched all over the internet to find out exactly how to fix the Destiny 2 character deletion bug.


How to Fix Destiny 2 Character Delete Bug

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix the problem on your own. You can try resetting your internet connection or turning your game hardware on and off, but ultimately you’ll have to support Bungie by talking to them on their Bungie help site or posting on the Destiny forum. 2 Reddit. A community manager will contact you to follow the steps necessary to begin the tedious process of restoring your character.

It is extremely important to note that you should not attempt to create a new character during this time. This could accidentally erase Bungie’s ability to restore your previous character and ruin all your hard work. If you’re afraid to log into your account only to face the worst, we recommend switching to Disposable Loadout before logging out next time. This way you won’t have to worry about losing any of your rolls as everything is stored in your vault.

Leave a comment below if the above fix doesn’t work for you or if you know of another way to fix Destiny 2 character deletion bug.

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