Destiny 2: Duty Bound Auto Rifle God Roll Guide

Auto Rifles have always been in a weird place in Destiny 2. They’re rarely the best option in any scenario, but they’re also not the worst choice you can make. The Duty Bound, a Nightfall-specific Legendary Auto long reissued in the Curse of Osiris expansion, falls squarely into the “good but not great” category of an already in-between weapon class. Equip it with one of the perks in this guide, though, and it can rival some of the best weapons in most other categories.

Duty Bound Auto Rifle PvE God Roll

The PvE and PvP loadouts for the Duty Bound share a lot in common, so expect to use similar rolls for both types of activity. There are a few differences, especially in the second Trait column, but the weapon is pretty consistent with a few of the options shown here.

Barrel: Arrowhead Brake, Corkscrew Rifling

Choosing between Arrowhead Brake and Corkscrew Rifling is tough as both offer fantastic benefits. Arrowhead’s huge buff to your recoil control along with its modest handling bonus is hard to pass up.

Still, the overall controllability offered by Corkscrew’s handling, stability, and range buffs is also worth a look.

Magazine: Accurate cartridges, tactical mag, added mag

Range and controllability will always be part of an auto rifle’s downfall, and Accurized Rounds solves the first problem very well.

Tactical Mag is a great secondary option for its slight increases in rounds in your magazine, stability, and maneuverability. Appended Mag is an achievable third tier option for its biggest increase in magazine size.

PvE aspect 1: perpetual motion, statistics for all

There’s almost no weapon in Destiny 2 that doesn’t benefit from perpetual motion. You get a small bonus to stability, maneuverability, and reload speed after just a few seconds of movement. This buff triples after ten seconds.

Stats for All offers range, stability, maneuverability, and reload speed, provided you can hit three enemies in quick succession.

PvE Feature 2: Rampage, One for All

Rampage is a classic Destiny 2 perk, and it never goes out of style. Quickly kill three enemies for up to 33% bonus weapon damage.

One-for-All is a newer but no less useful perk, providing a 35% damage bonus for 10 seconds after hitting three separate enemies. Combine it with Stats for All, and who knows how effective you’ll be.

Duty Bound Auto Rifle PvP God Roll

PvP with an automatic rifle is part situational awareness, part objective, part bravery. You’re not always going to win a mid-range engagement where your weapon excels, and don’t expect to compete with scout rifles or long- and short-range SMGs, respectively. But with a little luck and a bit of skill, you can dominate the lobbies with the humble Duty Bound Auto.


PvE choices also work well in PvP.


Your PvE options are also perfect for PvP.

PvP Trait 1: Perpetual Motion, Zen Moment

Perpetual motion is still a powerful option, as you’ll be almost always on the move, and the Stability, Maneuverability, and Reload Speed ​​buffs will be constantly active.

Zen Moment helps you stay on target with increasing recoil reduction as you deal damage to a target.

PvP Attribute 2: Vorpal Weapon, Dynamic Sway Reduction

You will be surprised how much damage you can inflict on an enemy in their Super with a primary weapon equipped with a vorpal weapon. With Duty Bound, you can do this from ranges that most roaming Supers can’t immediately handle, giving you an odd but not unwelcome advantage.

Dynamic Sway Reduction increases your weapon’s accuracy the longer you fire, meaning you’ll be on target longer and more consistently for most engagements.

While Duty Bound isn’t the best weapon in Destiny 2 or even the best in the Nightfall loot pool, if you manage to get your hands on it with the rolls featured in this guide, it can rival most other weapons in the game. .

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