Destiny 2 King’s Fall – All Secret Raid Chest Locations

Oryx’s Dreadnaught holds many secrets. It’s up to the Guardian and his fireteam to fight their way through the raid resumed in Destiny 2 to take down the Taken King once and for all. Along the way, there will be plenty of loot to collect and equip. But keen-eyed Guardians will want to go out of their way for several secret chests. Here’s where to find them.

Destiny 2 King’s Fall Secret Chests

Chest 1: Burial Vessels

After completing the first encounter, you’ll come to a room with a waiting tomb ship. Have two Guardians stand on the plates as normal to drop the barrier while the rest of the fireteam jumps aboard the ship. Rather than climbing the ship through the gap in the wall, jump to the left as you’re about to cross the divide. There will be a narrow path to climb. At the top of the slope, jump through the hole and continue to the first secret chest.


Chest 2: Labyrinth of Golgoroth

There are five plates located in the sprawling maze. Use the diagram above to leave a guard at each location and march the fireteam to the patches in order. Once all five have been stomped, a message will appear indicating that a chest has appeared. Return to the middle of the maze to claim it.

Chest 3: Wall of Phallis

After defeating Golgoroth, there will be a large hall with phallic pillars jutting out to cast the Guardians into oblivion. Head through the puzzle until you reach the first plate and look to the right. There will be a column with two narrow platforms, one above the other.

Jump to the top of these platforms and take out your trusted ghost. D1 players should be familiar with this as Ghost will make invisible platforms visible. Look around until you see the outline of a platform. Jumping on it will make it visible. Climb to the top, but before returning to the Dick Wall, look up and behind you. There will be a big door. Jump inside and run to the back of the room for the third and final chest.

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