Destiny 2 Manifest Pages Not Dropping Fix

When you’ve spent hours farming Manifested Pages in the Festival of the Lost event and find that the Pages you rightfully earned are gone, it’s reasonable to be frustrated. Bugs like these undo your hard work and feel unfair. However, we’ve uncovered several fixes that may cheer you up just in time for Halloween. Here are fixes for cases where Manifest Pages are not dropping in Destiny 2.

Why aren’t Manifested Pages dropping in Destiny 2?

Make sure your inventory is not full

One of the reasons your manifest pages may not drop is because your inventory is full. Even if you have enough room for Spectral Pages, they may not convert to Manifest Pages if you’ve filled all 50 inventory slots. One way to reduce your inventory items is to disassemble coins that have fizzled out. Although Activities like Crucible and Iron Banner used to work on a token system, their format has now been changed, so you can safely dismantle any failed Activity pieces.

These parts don’t come apart on their own, so they can clutter up your inventory for months. Weapon Telemetry and Gunsmith Materials can also be removed to free up space. If you still have the Braytech donation receipt or gift certificate, you can safely dismantle these items.

Don’t forget to wear your mask

Wearing your Festival Mask allows you to receive Candies, Spectral Pages, and Manifested Pages. If the appropriate rewards aren’t dropped, make sure you have the Festival Mask equipped. If you’re worried about the mask getting in the way of your style, don’t worry. You can activate the mask adornments to change the look of the helmet, and while they all look a bit silly, you might just find one that matches your outfit.


Restart your game

Image via Bungie

If you’ve tried the fixes above and the manifest pages still won’t disappear, try restarting your game to give it a fresh start. However, you should avoid using this fix in the middle of a haunted area, as it will leave your old teammates to fend for themselves and they will miss you. If this fix doesn’t work, stay updated on the Destiny 2 patch notes as this may be a universal issue that the devs are trying to fix.

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