Destiny 2 – Melee Wellmaker Mod, explained and how to get it

Mods are the cornerstone of Destiny 2 builds because they literally make or break a Guardian. As such, it is crucial that the Guardians verify the offerings of Ada-1 and Banshee-44 in the Tower. Both have a rotating stock of mods that change daily; some days are much better than others. The one worth keeping an eye out for is the Melee Wellmaker Mod.

Destiny 2 – What is the Melee Wellmaker mod?

The Melee Wellmaker mod was introduced in Season 15 and has been part of Ada-1’s rotating inventory ever since. This is a four cost mod where final hits from powered melee fighters generate elemental wells matching your subclass energy type.


This mod works exceptionally well in melee builds and with Season 18 being the start of the Arc 3.0 overhaul, it was time for Ada-1 to bring this mod back. For heavy classes like the Titan and Warlock that run an Elemental Well build, this fits in nicely. So, for those willing to embrace their inner storm and ride the lightning, gear up your favorite melee-focused Exotic and hit the town.

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