Destiny 2 – One-Two Punch Perk, explained and weapons list

With the addition of weapon crafting in Destiny 2, Guardians no longer need to hunt certain divine rolls. Instead, after collecting enough copies of a certain gun, they can craft one and upgrade it to unlock the perks they seek. It’s a different type of grind, but one that ultimately rewards Guardians with a custom weapon of their own. For some weapons, shotguns in particular, the One-Two Punch Perk is highly sought after.

How does the One-Two Punch perk work in Destiny 2?

One-Two Punch is a base and enhanced trait available on select rolls for certain shotguns. Community research has revealed the following effects if all 12 pellets are affected. Note that the improved trait reduces the number of pellets required from 12 to 10.

  • 200% increased melee damage for 1.22 seconds
  • 350% increased melee damage against bosses and vehicles
  • 80% increased melee damage when combined with Liar’s Handshake


Destiny 2 Weapons with One-Two Punch

  • One-step Kinetic Shotgun
  • Emperor’s Courtesy Energy Shotgun
  • Verdict Energy Shotgun Found
  • Prophet of Doom Energy Shotgun
  • Python Energy Shotgun
  • Storytelling Energy Shotgun
  • Ragnhild-D Kinetic Shotgun
  • Wastelander M5 Kinetic Shotgun
  • Without Remorse Energy Shotgun

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