Destiny 2 Overhaul Zero Catalyst Quest Steps

One week after its release, players can get their hands on the Exotic Pulse Rifle Catalyst, Revision Zero, in Destiny 2. To acquire it, Guardians will need to complete the fourth week of the Season of the Seraph questline. . This will unlock Rasputin’s “Must You Choose to Accept It, Part I” quest.

Should You Choose To Accept It Part I

  • Return to the Archimedes appendix and download the cryptographic index.
    • This mission can be launched from the HELM
  • Go to Europa for further instructions.
    • Travel to any point in Europe to advance the quest, but we recommend going to Cadmus Ridge.
  • Crack the password cipher by patrolling and defeating fighters on Europa.
    • Run a Lost Sector to easily knock this one out.
  • Locate the dead fall in the Perdition Lost sector of Cadmus Ridge and download the cipher.
    • The Dead Drop can be found at the end of the Lost Sector and is a barrel with the Hakke symbol above it, just to the left of the treasure chest.
  • Launch “Operation: Seraph’s Shield” on Legend difficulty and find the schematic for the weapon.
    • Guardians will need to locate a dead Exo Frame and interact with it. He’s in the room with the laser grid and the faked floor titles.
  • Complete “Operation: Seraph Shield” on Legend difficulty to successfully obtain the catalyst.
    • After finding the Exo Frame, complete the mission on Legend difficulty.


What does the Revision Zero Catalyst do?

Revision Zero has the intrinsic trait, Hunter’s Trace, which can be upgraded four times. Revision Zero fires armor-piercing rounds and is strong against Barrier Champions. The forecast hits the grant targeting data. When charged one to four times, Guardians can switch to another scope to load a corresponding number of high damage rounds. Also, after getting the Catalyst, Revision Zero can be remodeled to have “Frenzy Refit”. This gradually increases reload speed for a short time with each quick kill.

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