Developer Yakuza releases Judgment and Lost Judgment on PC in surprise reveal

Fans of Yakuza games on PC rejoice as spin-off series Judgment and Lost Judgment come to Steam. Yakuza developer Ryū Ga Gotoku Studio unveiled the surprise release today as part of its RGG Summit, part of the wider Tokyo Game Show.

The release comes just a day after a leak on the ESRB website confirmed that SEGA-published games would appear on PC, as they had recently been certified.


The release brings the Judgment series to PC for the first time. Judgment was originally released in 2018 to critical acclaim, while the sequel Lost Judgment was released in September 2021. fans of the Yakuza series and Ryū Ga Gotoku Studios.

Ryū ga Gotoku games are known for their gritty but sometimes light-hearted action-adventure games that go beyond the norms of the genre. Industry leaders in action game excellence, it’s great news that we can now experience Judgment and Lost Judgment on PC.

And with the release of the Judgment games, it looks like there’s hope for some of the latest Yakuza spin-offs to make their way west and to the PC as well. Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! is a game set in Japan’s turbulent Bakumatsu period, and a popular title in the West.

Other games, such as Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise and Yakuza: Dead Souls had Western releases, but no PC port. Hopefully RGG Studios will find success with Judgment and look to release these games as well.

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