Disney Dreamlight Valley – Remembrance Guide (Moana’s Quest)

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players will meet several iconic NPCs who will become companions in the village. Players can improve friendship levels with these characters, and each NPC has a series of quests for you to complete. The Remembering is part of Moana’s questline, and you’ll get this quest after completing the Peacemakers quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The Remembering revolves around Moana remembering events from her past about her pet pig. Here’s how to complete The Remembering quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to complete The Remembering of Moana quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

During the Peacemakers quest, players have to cook different recipes like Seafood Platter, Seafood Salad, and Fruit Salad for Maui. Once the quest is complete, find Moana and interact with her. She informs the players of the Night Thorns at her house and asks for help. Visit Moana’s house and start removing the nocturnal thorns. You will find a memory with part of an image that shows Moana and some flowers. The flora in the picture is the White Bell Flower and it is found in the Forest of Valor biome. These flowers have drooping, bright white heads and are easy to identify.


Collect 10 White Bells from the Forest of Valor and present them to Moana. You will see another memory appear, investigate it and it will show the Maui Mining Gems. Interact with Maui and talk to him about the Memory. Once done, another piece of Moana’s memory will appear. You must return to the Forest of Valor and collect six Blueberries and bring them to Moana. The fourth piece of Moana’s memory drops once you collect all six fruits, which shows a full picture of her pet.

Moana then asks players to get three coconuts to attract her pet Pua. You can either fast travel to Moana Kingdom to collect Coconuts or visit Dazzle Beach to find the Coconut Tree after completing the Bury the Maui Eel quest. Gather three coconuts and return to Moana and give them to her. A Chef Fragment will drop, pick it up, and give it to Moana to complete The Remembering quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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